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Like a pro: Yvonne Lim made this unbelievable cake for daughter's birthday

Like a pro: Yvonne Lim made this unbelievable cake for daughter's birthday
PHOTO: Instagram/Yvonne Lim

Many mothers around the world would do anything to make their children smile and clearly, local actress Yvonne Lim was on the right track with her daughter Alexa's birthday cake this year.

Dressed in a layer of snow-white coating with beautiful purple butterflies, silver pearls and large gold orbs, the gorgeous homemade cake was topped with a crown studded with diamonds — Yvonne's creation may have just taken the cake.

"Dearest Alexa, watching you grow up has been many things and you never fail to amaze us," Yvonne, 45, wrote on her Instagram post.

"As you grow older and learn how to read, we want you to know that we love you so much and we will always be there for you on this journey!"

Yvonne — who is now based in Taipei — also admitted that she gets "nervous" come this time of year, as she wanted to "give the kids a different cake design that they will love". She was also afraid of disappointing the little ones since they couldn't go out right now due to Covid-19.

But her heartfelt emotions definitely shone through. As if the exterior of the cake wasn't amazing enough, the contents sealed the deal on the sincerity within.

"My daughter saw the cake and knew it was made of strawberries that we picked," Yvonne added in Mandarin. "She smiled sweetly and everything was OK!"


While she has certainly set a high bar for mothers and home bakers out there, they may find comfort knowing that this isn't her first rodeo. Prior to this, she also recently made cakes for her daughter's friends, Vivian Hsu and for Mother's Day celebrations.

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