Quan Yi Fong's daughter Eleanor Lee named one of Chinese web dramas' rising stars

PHOTO: Weibo

She may be better known as Quan Yi Fong's daughter in Singapore, but Eleanor Lee's much more famous than her TV host mum in China.

Eleanor, who turns 20 this year, is now making waves online with her new web drama.

In My Poseidon, a modern adaptation of the love story between Poseidon and Amphitrite, Eleanor plays An Fei, a marine biology student whose life is changed with the appearance of the mysterious Ye Hai, played by Chinese actor Leon Zhang.

With her big and expressive eyes, the young actress is charming many online viewers. The drama's also captivating its audience with romantic scenes such as underwater kisses, Chinese media reported.

Since the drama first aired on April 4, My Poseidon has drawn an impressive 500 million views -- a number that is expected to climb as the 40-episode show progresses.

Eleanor made her first foray into the Chinese entertainment scene fronting an ad campaign for tech giant Apple in 2015. She left an impression on the public and earned the nickname, 'Apple girl'.

Two years later, she was admitted to the prestigious Beijing Film Academy which has produced stars like Zhao Wei and Yang Mi.

Then work offers poured in with roles such as Chinese period drama Tribes and Empires and TV series Overseas Security Officer, starring Leon Lai.

Since her showbiz debut in 2016, Eleanor has amassed an eye-popping 8.2 million following on Weibo.

The popularity of her new web drama has also led the media to name her as one of the top up-and-coming stars in the country alongside Ju Jingyi, Fair Xing, and Janice Wu.

The future looks bright for Eleanor, who looks like she's on the path to stardom in China.

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Eleanor Lee and Leon Zhang in My PoseidonPhoto: Weibo