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R.chord Hsieh says he’s dating live streamer, divorcing pregnant wife

R.chord Hsieh says he’s dating live streamer, divorcing pregnant wife
PHOTO: Instagram/keanna_taiyh, liyacheee

A week after his wife reported him to the police for drug use, Taiwanese singer-songwriter R.chord Hsieh has told Taiwanese media that he will be divorcing his pregnant wife, Keanna Taiyh, after the new year.

He also candidly admitted to Apple Daily Taiwan that he is currently dating an online streamer known as Liya.

In a video posted on his Instagram account a week ago, R.chord and Liya were seen sitting side by side in a hotel room and singing together as he strummed a guitar. She was wearing what appeared to be pyjamas or a bathrobe.

Alluding to both of them kai fang jian, he said: "I've even posted about us on social media."

The Chinese phrase, which literally means booking a hotel room, is a euphemism for sexual activities behind closed doors.


"(Liya) is very obedient. She listens to me and sings with me. If I'm silent, she will sit quietly beside me. She also tidies my clothes and suitcase," he told the publication. 

When asked if he's worried that his extra-marital affair will land him in trouble, he added light-heartedly: "I'm a drug user, and I already spent one night in jail. What other trouble should I be worried about? I'm a man without a future."

R.chord, who also pushed for the legalisation of marijuana during the interview, adopted the same nonchalant tone when he spoke about his wife and unborn child.

"I knew about her pregnancy last month but she pressured me and tried to use the child to tie me down," he said.

"I will take responsibility. If the child is mine, I will accept it. I'm an unfeeling rock — if the child doesn't want a druggie dad, I'm okay with it too. We'll see after the birth."

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