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Rebecca Lim 4.5 months pregnant, waited to make announcement as she was worried 'something might have happened' to foetus

Rebecca Lim 4.5 months pregnant, waited to make announcement as she was worried 'something might have happened' to foetus
PHOTO: Instagram/The Celebrity Agency

Rebecca Lim will soon be a mum, after less than a year of wedded bliss.

Her talent management company The Celebrity Agency (TCA) announced the happy news through their social media channels today (Sept 12). The photo showed a smiling Becks being embraced by her husband from behind as they gently cradle her baby bump.

Speaking to 8World about the news, Rebecca shared that she is currently four-and-a-half months pregnant, with her baby's due date around February 2024. She had wed her husband Matthew Webster on Nov 27 last year.


It seems Becks could realise her dream of having a baby born in the year of the Rabbit — a piece of information she'd dropped earlier this year at a press conference for the new Kelvin Tong-directed movie, Confinement.

The 36-year-old actress had said then: "I hope that by the time this movie comes out, I can also be holding on to a 'bunny' baby." 

She told 8World that her husband had been eager to start expanding their family.

"We will be 40 soon in a few years. We're not in our 20s, so of course we hope the sooner, the better," said Rebecca with a laugh.

She added that while she didn't give herself a timeline to get pregnant, she's "extremely happy" by the turn of events.

"I feel we're quite lucky, there are some around us who have been married for many years and have tried to get pregnant without success." 

Rebecca, whose father died in May, shared that she had found out about her pregnancy at around the same time, making it a bittersweet moment.

She told CNA Lifestyle how "there were a few tears" upon discovering that she's pregnant. "It was like, 'If only my dad was still here'."

In her interview with 8World, however, she shared how she believes her dad knew about her pregnancy.

"I believe he's the first person in the world who knew I was pregnant, which is why he could go peacefully," said Rebecca.

Pregnancy announcement

On how she broke the happy news to her husband, Rebecca shared that she was staying at her mum's place following her dad's funeral so as to accompany her.

Rebecca had unfortunately caught the Covid-19 virus just before finding out she was pregnant.

She revealed that she'd pretended she needed a change of clothes and asked her husband to bring it to her. That was when she dropped the big announcement.

"We were still keeping a safe distance between us, but then he just said, 'I don't care', and came to give me a big hug! I'll never forget the expression on his face at that moment," said Rebecca.

What's most important to the parents-to-be, now, is to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

In interviews with both 8World and 8Days, she shared that the first three months of pregnancy had been far from smooth-sailing — besides feeling unwell, there were moments when she'd thought "something might have happened" to the foetus due to pain and "some bleeding".

She told 8World: "I've always been happy to share my life's happy moments with everyone, but it's different this time, we've to wait until the baby is stable."

Rebecca revealed to 8Days that they're planning for a gender reveal party come October, when they will move into their new home.

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