Ronny Chieng namedrops AsiaOne in bittersweet story about dad's death

Ronny Chieng namedrops AsiaOne in bittersweet story about dad's death
Ronny Chieng with his dad (right).
PHOTO: Instagram/Ronny Chieng

After a night of comedy and laughter, Ronny Chieng ended his Singapore show last night (Sept 13) with a story about his dad's death.

He prefaced the segment by saying that people often ask why he "always shits on his mum" but not his dad, and said it was because he respected him a lot and the elder Chieng did not understand "the comedy thing".

The 37-year-old Malaysian comedian added that he never fought about it with his dad, but could never update him about his career due to his lack of understanding.

Despite this, Ronny praised his dad for being a well-educated man with a master's degree in economics who retired from the corporate world to his farm in Johor Bahru, where he died unexpectedly in Dec 2018.

Ronny had to subsequently go back home to "hack" into his dad's computer.

"There were two websites that he would visit every day, one was and the second website he would visit was Twitter," he said.


He was perplexed about why his dad was on the social media platform now known as X.

But it turned out that his dad would visit Ronny's Twitter feed daily at 7am and 7pm to check for updates and keep up with his son.

Ronny added that it may have seemed "very sweet", but the last-ever tweet his dad saw by him was purportedly one which said: "If you're a baby boomer on Twitter, I already know you're a f****** loser."

Though it was not directed at his dad, the realisation made Ronny subsequently "quit Twitter" as he did not want to portray the "worst version of himself" on the site anymore, even if it was just a joke.


Ronny performed in Singapore on Sept 12 and 13 at a sold-out Star Performing Arts Centre.

In attendance were Ronny's castmates from Crazy Rich Asians — Janice Koh, Pierre Png and Koh Chieng Mun — as well as Pierre's wife, Andrea De Cruz, Janice's husband Lionel Yeo, former MTV Asia host Uttsada Panichkul and actor Ke Huy Quan.

His next stop is Sydney, Australia on Sept 15.


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