Running Man's Singapore episode: Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook and other members buy local food in Singlish

Running Man's Singapore episode: Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook and other members buy local food in Singlish
The cast and guests of Running Man visited Singapore in the latest episode broadcasted on Nov 19.
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When in Singapore, do as Singaporeans do.

The members of the hit Korean variety show Running Man — Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo, Haha, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-jin and Yang Se-chan — had a hilarious and interesting experience when they had to order local hawker food at Lau Pa Sat in the latest episode which aired yesterday (Nov 19).

They were in Singapore in early November and were also spotted at the Slingshot at Clarke Quay, Bird Paradise, Night Safari, Haji Lane, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery in Serangoon, a prawn noodle shop and a foot spa at North Bridge Road.


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Their arrival at Lau Pa Sat were met with enthusiastic cheers from fans, who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the members as well as their guests, actress Shin Ye-eun and former esports player Hong Jin-ho.

As part of the team challenge, they were split into two teams and had to choose from two menus with five dishes each. The description of the dishes were read to them by a local known only as Gwee — in Singlish.

They would then have to order the food based on what they heard and those who had the most number of correct dishes would win.

The first team, which consisted of Jae-suk, Ji-hyo, Se-chan and Jin-ho, chose Set A.

"Set A. Raw onions and cucumbers together with the grilled beef on satay stick," read Gwee.

This was met with bewildered expressions on the members' faces.

Jae-suk said in Korean: "I have no idea. I just heard 'stick'."

After thinking for a few moments, Se-chan concluded that it must be beef satay.

Gwee continued: "Second, square white rice cake served together with roasted sotong stick," referring to ketupat with squid satay.

Se-chan and Jin-ho both exclaimed: "'Soppong stick'. Rice soppong stick. Soppong? What?"

Haha and the other members started laughing.

Se-chan and the others got more confused as the other items were read to them.

The third item on the menu was "satay stick made of duck thigh meat", and they only caught duck thigh meat as "bak mai mi".

Gwee continued: "The fourth one. Noodle soup together with spicy coconut milk as the base," which refers to laksa.

It seemed like something they were familiar with when they said: "Ah, noodle soup, noodle soup!"

Or perhaps not.

"Coconut noodle soup," Jae-suk exclaimed in the next moment, as Jin-ho said: "Spicy coconut!"

Gwee then read Set B to the second team, which consisted of Jong-kook, Haha, Suk-jin and Ye-eun.

He recited: "Mutton satay sticks made together with roasting the thick leg meat."

Ye-eun said: "'Tik lik mit'. I'm just going to memorise 'tik lik mit'."

The other menu items were chicken satay, shrimp satay, chilli crab and ice kachang with durian.

As they set out to buy what they had heard, Suk-jin realised something.

"All skewers are satay!" he said, finally figuring out what the word meant as the other members thought about what meat they were supposed to buy.


Haha was pondering over what "tik lik mit" meant, when he saw duck satay.

"Hey, I guess 'tik lik mit' is duck leg meat… 'Tik' is duck!" he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, while Ji-hyo waited for their satay to be prepared, she consulted the satay stall staff.

"Spicy coconut… noodles?" she asked carefully.

The staff replied: "Oh, spicy coconut noodles? Laksa."

In the end, Jong-kook's team purchased mutton satay, duck satay, shrimp satay with spicy soy sauce, chilli crab and bandung drink and only one dish was ordered accurately.

Jae-suk's team purchased beef satay, squid satay with ketupat and laksa. As they bought two items correctly, their team won the challenge.

The next episode of them in Singapore will be released on Nov 26 and you can catch the latest episode on Viu.


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