'S-hook lady is why I will never eat luncheon meat again'

Dear Ms Lerine Yeo,

Just when I thought it was safe to watch Facebook videos again…

You know that Nas Daily guy? His videos are so annoying, right?

If you like Singapore, just say you like Singapore lah. Why must say "I hate Singapore because I'm jealous"?

So extra.

Then he called Singapore "the almost perfect country".

Hello? What "almost"? Singapore is the perfect country, okay?

I want to complain, but I'm scared he'll call me "crybaby". I'm very sensitive. I may actually cry.

But he's gone now. You have taken over from him.

It's your Facebook videos everyone is talking about now.

And all you were trying to do was sell some clothes from your online shop Misshopper Boutique.

It started on Sept 21 when someone posted a video of you promoting a top with metal rings as sort of a wearable rack where you can use S-hooks to hang umbrellas, ez-link cards, wanton mee - "whatever you want to hook, you can hook".

I also wanted to buy the $9 "designer top" in case one day, I go to the market and have no hands to carry, but alas, I understand it's sold out.

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

You're even more famous than Baby Shark, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo.

But with fame come those who seek to exploit your fame.

And I'm not just talking about Ikea, Jollibee and Scoot shamelessly using the S-hook in their ads last week. They should pay you a commission.

Video of Singapore 'ah lian' selling clothes online goes viral

  • A video posted on Sept 21 of Ms Lerine Yeo promoting a top with metal rings as sort of a wearable rack where you can use S-hooks to hang umbrellas, ez-link cards, wanton mee - "whatever you want to hook, you can hook" went viral.
  • Ikea, Jollibee and Scoot used the S-hook in their ads last week.
  • Lerine Yeo, the 30-year-old owner of Misshopper Boutique, has signed a two-year contract with Lee’s artiste management company, reported Shin Min Daily News.
  • Lerine said she previously manned a pushcart selling clothes at West Coast Plaza for three years. She had started live-streaming on Facebook in order to get rid of the leftover apparel.
  • "I never thought that in these six months, business would keep getting better. Each live-stream would have over 1,000 viewers online." However, her brisk business has also led to 'attacks' by other Facebook Live sellers.
  • Lerine, who does her live-streaming after office hours, added: "My husband was initially unhappy [about it], but he started supporting me when he saw the sense of satisfaction that I got from my videos."
  • Lerine Yeo, 30, became talk of the town after two videos of her modelling clothes for her online apparel store went viral online.
  • Her first video, uploaded by Facebook user Joanne Ng last Thursday (Sep 20), has garnered a whopping 1.7 millions views to date, along with 31,000 shares, 10,000 likes and 6,300 comments.
  • In it, Lerine passionately demonstrates the pros of a black 'hook' t-shirt.
  • Instead of lace from the original design, Lerine creatively shares how one can make use of the little 'holes' in the $9 top to hook various items -- be it your umbrella, wanton mee, cane, EZ-Link card or whatnot.
  • Lerine gives another brilliant display of her marketing skills in a second video that shows her modelling a dress, garnering a combined 829,000 views this time.
  • Rather than claiming that one size fits all like many sellers tend to do, she is honest and advises taller girls to reconsider getting it because "the chances of getting people to see your 'ka cheng' [butt] is very high, 80% high".
  • She adds: "You walk cannot open the big big already... If not your luncheon meat, your seaweed all come out give people see."
  • Naturally, Lerine's animated demeanour, coupled with her use of Singlish and Hokkien, has won her thousands of fans -- as well as some haters.
  • Lerine, who started Misshopper Boutique in March and now runs it full-time, opened up to Stomp about her newfound fame.
  • Asked if it was a norm for her to do live-stream videos with such enthusiasm, she said this happens "once in a while", whenever she can make the product that she is selling stand out.
  • "I would say it's impromptu. I don't even know what I will be selling that day. It's only until the live-stream then I ask my buyers what they would like to see and I bring it out," she added.
  • For those who are wondering whether Lerine is as bubbly in real life, she said: "Hmm... half half. Siao siao must see timing. And see towards who. But overall this is my character. Maybe 人老了, 看开了 (one becomes more open-minded as one gets older)."
  • Lerine said she is facing this backlog in orders as sales have shot up after her videos went viral


I saw your post warning of imposter Facebook pages using your Misshopper Boutique name.

You wrote: "A police report has been lodged Set 25 at 00:51am. My taglines and photos have been used on the other page. Kindly spread the word and take note. I am not related to the other two pages. Be careful cos it might be a scam."

Well, you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and copyright infringement.

The good news is that I read that Mark Lee has signed you to his company. He said you reminded him of a young Patricia Mok.

What an insult. You're much more chio than Patricia Mok.

Maybe Jack Neo will cast you in Ah Boys To Men 5: Money Make No Enough.

After all, your videos are more entertaining than all the Jack Neo movies put together.

But I have a complaint about one of your videos.

Please don't call me a crybaby. You know how sensitive I am.

You remember that video where you warn customers more than 1.6m tall about a dress that may be too short for them?

You said: "And then you walk, you cannot open big big already. You must close and tight(ly), okay?

"If not, your luncheon meat, your seaweed come out give people see."

What did I just hear?

If you mean what I think you mean, I'm very distressed by that last line.

I like luncheon meat. I always add luncheon meat whenever I get fried bee hoon for lunch.

But because of you, I don't think I can ever eat luncheon meat again.

Please don't scold me for complaining.

You'll make me cry.

Luckily, I don't like seaweed that much.

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.