Sammi Cheng says it's time to move on and she will no longer talk about husband Andy Hui's cheating scandal

PHOTO: Instagram / sammi_chengsauman

HONG KONG - It's time to move on and look forward, Cantopop star Sammi Cheng posted on Sunday (April 28), adding that she would no longer discuss the cheating scandal involving her husband Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Wong.

Cheng, who is scheduled to hold concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in July, said she would focus her energies on her upcoming shows instead.

Referring to her concert, she wrote on her Instagram account: "There's not much time. It's time to pick up exercise and my focus again."

"Pardon me, I will not talk about his matter any more. I will not look back but look forward," she added.

Cheng, who uploaded a picture of herself along with the post, said since she has made a decision, she would allow time to do its work.

Time will help the people involved in the situation to find a new path, she added.

There is a need to continue to live life normally, she said, to meet the friends one wishes to meet, to eat the food one wishes to eat and to continue to dearly love the things and people in one's life.

Her post comes nearly two weeks after a video showing Hui and Wong kissing in a taxi was published by Apple Daily on April 16.

A tearful singer-songwriter Hui apologised at a press conference on the same day, while Wong issued an apology.

There was talk that Cheng would leave Hui but she signalled her willingness to forgive him in a post on April 18, quoting a biblical verse about how love never gives up.

This article was first published inĀ The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.