Sammo Hung's drastic weight loss leaves netizens shook

Sammo Hung (second from right) and Alan Tam (right) at a lunch gathering.
PHOTO: Weibo

Talk about an extreme makeover.

Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung was almost unrecognisable in a recent photo after shedding a ton of weight. In a photo revealed by Hong Kong singer Alan Tam, 68-year-old Sammo looked noticeably skinnier.

In a Weibo post on May 25, Alan uploaded a picture of a lunch gathering with Sammo and other companions, and wrote: "Big Brother Sammo cooked these few dishes and it's really delicious."

Sammo's new look is such a drastic departure from the signature rotund image he's had for decades that netizens were shocked. According to reports, they mostly commented on how much weight he's lost though some were worried that he had fallen ill. At his heaviest, he weighed 115kg. 

In response to the online buzz, Sammo's daughter-in-law reportedly clarified to the media through a phone message that Sammo is in the pink of health and his weight loss was simply a result of eating clean.

The kungfu legend's health has been under the spotlight in recent years, especially after he was spotted wheelchair-bound for two years after going for a knee surgery in 2017.

It was also reported that he was advised by his doctors to lose 18kg after his operation. He even had surgery in 2009 because his arteries were clogged.