Scalpers sell K-pop star Jackson Wang's Marquee party tickets at up to $500, more than 6 times above original price

Scalpers sell K-pop star Jackson Wang's Marquee party tickets at up to $500, more than 6 times above original price
Jackson Wang will be hosting and curating an event at Marquee nightclub in Singapore, but scalpers are now reselling the tickets for exorbitant prices on Carousell.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jackson Wang

While we can't fight the rising costs of living, it certainly isn't cool that tickets to parties have been artificially hiked up. 

Last Thursday (July 28), it was announced that K-pop star Jackson Wang, 28, from the boy group Got7 will be hosting and curating the upcoming ticketed Team Wang records (Human Remix) event at the Marquee nightclub. 

The event will also feature Marquee's DJ Fvder, beatboxer Dharni as well as artists such as Laurie, Xenzu and Boytoy. Online tickets were sold out the same day they were made available.

However, Jackson's popularity means that scalpers have taken these tickets to Carousell, bumping prices up by more than six times the original price.

The tickets were originally sold at $60 for women, $80 for men and $200 for an expedited entry. Now, they're being sold on Carousell at over $400 to $500 per ticket.

"Marquee tickets for Jackson Wang. Left with one female ticket, $420. PM (private message) for best offer,"  one seller wrote.

Another seller listed a price of $500 for a single ticket for men. It is uncertain if expedited entry tickets are being sold on the platform.

Despite the high prices, there are still buyers for these tickets.

One wrote: "Looking for two men and one lady's tickets, in all $800, can negotiate; also accept separate tickets, please PM to discuss. For table seats, send me your bid for three people, looking for around $350, can negotiate."

But those hoping to sell or buy tickets may find themselves waylaid at the entrance.


Per Marquee Singapore's website: "Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale or used for or in connection with any advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of the above condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused entry."

The Team Wang records (Human Remix) event Marquee will take place from Aug 6 at 10pm to Aug 7, 6am.

Jackson, who was born in Hong Kong, will also be performing at Good Vibes Weekender on Sep 24 at Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon. Tickets will be available for purchase on Aug 2.

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