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Scammers impersonate Mark Lee's entertainment company, 1 victim lost $6,000

Scammers impersonate Mark Lee's entertainment company, 1 victim lost $6,000
PHOTO: Instagram/King Kong Media Production, Facebook/King Kong Media Production

From impersonating the police to using celebrity photos for fake ads — scammers are constantly updating their trickery tactics.

On Thursday (April 21), Mark Lee's entertainment company King Kong Media Production made a post on their social media pages warning the public that people are using the company's name fraudulently in job scams. 

According to the screenshots in the post, the scammers appear to be hiring people to 'like' social media posts. There also appears to be a group chat titled "King Kong Media Group DX20", where "tasks" are handed out. 

One of the messages sent to victims read: "TikTok, Congratulates for being invited, for join our team to earn $50-$350 daily work from home", along with a code and a link to contact the scammer on WhatsApp. 

However, Tang Wing Fai, the executive director of King Kong Media Production, told Lianhe Zaobao during a phone interview that the scammers also sent messages offering victims the opportunity to become artistes

"The selected person will receive double salary but they must first become a VIP member by sending money to the company," he added. 

Wing Fai told the Chinese daily that the company has received more than 10 phone calls from victims, one of whom lost $6,000. 

"He's a Singaporean Malay, he told me he can't celebrate Hari Raya because his money has been stolen." 

King Kong Media Production has filed a police report and warns members of the public not to divulge any personal information over unauthorised platforms. 

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