'Schedule her next fight against John Cena': Carrie Wong's complex martial arts stunt for drama wows netizens

Carrie Wong's got the moves in the new Mediacorp drama, Shero.
PHOTO: Instagram/Carrie Wong

If Singapore were to have a Black Widow candidate, Carrie Wong might just fit the bill.

In an Instagram post yesterday (March 19), Carrie shared behind-the-scenes footage of herself performing a complex martial arts stunt on the set of the new Mediacorp drama Shero.

"Super duper tiring week for everyone but ended it well with a little achievement," the 29-year-old actress wrote in her post.

In her video, she showed three shots of the same stunt being conducted — a flying scissor-leg takedown — where she clasps her opponent's head between her legs while they're still standing, twisting, tossing and flipping them in one smooth motion.

The stunt performer is sent flying off to the side from the movement while Carrie lands squarely on her feet.

Comments left on her post applaud her skill in completing the manoeuvre and how difficult it is to do so.

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"Amazing scissor-leg takedown, executed so handsomely! You've worked hard!" one comment wrote in Mandarin.

Another user compared the stunt to a "dance" with the actress, alluding to the 2005 American reality TV series, Dancing with the Stars.

A user also feigned intimidation and joked: "We'd better be on your nice list."

Fellow actor Shawn Thia also said cheekily: "Please schedule her next fight against John Cena."

While the stunt was undoubtedly difficult for Carrie to pull off, the stunt performer's experience and skill likely also played a significant part in the move.

In a slow-motion shot shared by Carrie, the performer visibly has a firm hold on Carrie's body as she twists and turns over their head.

Carrie also added encouraging words on her Instagram post: "Thank you everyone for pushing their limits through this enervating week. Last lap to go!"

Shero is a new 20-episode Mediacorp series with scenes shot in Canberra, where the cast and crew flew over to Australia from Feb 22 to March 4 for filming.

Shero also stars Joanne Peh, Romeo Tan, Nick Teo and Tay Ying.

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