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'See you in court' says By2's Yumi to Li Jinglei in Weibo post showing legal letter, but Wang Leehom's ex not named in suit

'See you in court' says By2's Yumi to Li Jinglei in Weibo post showing legal letter, but Wang Leehom's ex not named in suit
PHOTO: Weibo

The feud between Singaporean singer Yumi and Li Jinglei continues, over allegations that the former was involved in an affair with Li's ex-husband, Mandopop star Wang Leehom.

In the latest turn, Yumi, one-half pop group By2, has apparently filed a lawsuit against these allegations. The China-based artiste posted a legal notice on her Weibo account on Saturday (Jan 29).

In a lengthy caption to a photo of the letter, Yumi stated that she had dated Leehom from 2012 to 2013, "which our close friends know about". She reiterated that she did not interfere in Jinglei's marriage.

"To the allegations, Li Jinglei has skirted the issue multiple times and has yet to provide any evidence."

In her post, Yumi wrote that she had "taken the difficult step" to defend her rights and has pursued legal action. The lawsuit appears to be filed in China, where By2 is currently based.

The latest salvo fired comes after Yumi filed a police report against Jinglei's accusations when the scandal first broke last December. Jinglei swiftly countered Yumi's Weibo post with a comment, "Link me up to the police, I'll provide the evidence".

Addressing the police report, Yumi noted that as Jinglei does not reside in the Mainland, police are "unable to summon her for a response immediately". 

"The law looks at evidence, not essays," wrote Yumi, referencing Jinglei's multiple posts on her social media account regarding the issue.


Likening her experience to cyber-bullying, Yumi also accused Jinglei of making use of netizens to "drive public opinion" in order to "fulfil her selfish desires".

"It may take us hundreds of days or more to hold the rumour-mongers accountable, but we will do it," she added.

"If you do not have the courage to defend your rights as a public figure, how will other victims of cyber violence cope with it themselves?"

In a parting shot, the 29-year-old wrote, "See you in court", tagging Jinglei's Weibo handle. The latter has yet to publish a reply as of writing.

Media reports noted, however, that Jinglei's name is not specified in the legal letter, and the defamation lawsuit appears to be targetting internet users who are dispensing and circulating the false information.

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