Sharon Au says her ‘biggest regret in life’ is not becoming a mother

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

We have all seen the different sides of Sharon Au, one of Singapore’s most famous celebrities. She is an engaging host, a beloved actress and a noticeably loving daughter.

More importantly, she is known for her honesty and speaking her heart out, a trait admired by her fans. In the latest Instagram post, the 46-year-old revealed her “biggest regret”.

While sharing pictures of her bonding session with a friend’s baby, she penned an emotional note.

Biggest regret in life of not experiencing motherhood

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

She said, "On reflection, the biggest regret today I have is probably not having children and experiencing motherhood. And now it is really too late."

"It's okay, the next best thing is to be a nanny and play with my friends' beautiful kids!" she added with the hashtag "c'est la vie" which loosely means "such is life".

Fans shower her with love, say, 'It's not too late!'

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

While she has accepted the fact that she may not experience motherhood, her fans reminded her that it might not too late.

Netizens shared their thoughts in the comment section.

One user wrote: "As long as you haven't reached menopause, it is still possible." Others spoke about options such as adoption and surrogacy. One also suggested Sharon pay a visit to a sperm bank because it's "very common in Europe".

'Whatever your choice, we are cheering for you'

Another netizen wrote: "There are many ways to 'be' a mother — and many little ones who would be blessed by your presence in their lives. Whatever your choice, we're cheering for you!"

Her fans also lauded Sharon for her honesty. One woman wrote: "Your honesty in your thoughts is always like a breath of fresh air."

Another chimed in: "Thank you for always being so real in your thoughts."

Now based in Paris

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

Sharon is now based in Paris and works as an investment director in a private equity firm.

On June 6, she posted a picture of herself at an airport in Paris and stated: "Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I'm flying home to see you, Mum."

During her quarantine, she face-timed her mum until she was able to reunite with her in person. 

While in Singapore, Sharon fully utilised her time as she met up with family, friends and various celeb pals. One of them was actor Thomas Ong. They even went on a livestream together and chatted about life, among other things.

It left the fans highly excited as they took this as a reunion of the exes. But as luck would have it, the two categorically stated that they are better off as friends!

In August this year, after spending over 12 weeks in Singapore, she returned to Paris and finally reunited with her cat Rudon. 

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.