Sheila Sim prioritised her hubby over her daughter and you should too

Sheila Sim prioritised her hubby over her daughter and you should too
PHOTO: Instagram/sheila_sim

As parents, our children are the most important in our lives. But as a couple, you’ll also find that it can be difficult to find time for just the two of you with the kids around.

In her recent Instagram post on April 28, Singaporean actress-model Sheila Sim said finding time to go out on dates with her husband has not been the same, especially since they had a child. But she understands the importance of putting her partner first in a relationship.

It’s been a few months since the 36-year-old and her husband Deon Woo welcomed their first child Layla. Just by scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can see how their baby girl has taken over the celebrity’s mum life. She doesn’t mind sharing memories with her daughter and has often uploaded posts about baby Layla. 

Perfect balancing act: Motherhood and career

But of course, motherhood is not always just adorable laughing photos and wacky family selfies. Sheila said that it has been “stressful and tiring” trying to balance work and taking care of her daughter. 

She said that recently it’s been difficult “just to catch a glimpse of my daughter”. She also shared that “it’s taken a toll” on her and that she sometimes feels bad that she spends so much time working and is having to “neglect” her baby.

So she makes sure to take time out from work to spend time with her daughter. But it’s all very exhausting.  

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But sometimes hubby comes first!

Which is why on April 28, Sheila chose to take a break. Rather than driving home to see Layla that afternoon, she decided to spend lunch with her husband instead.

She added it was a lucky day because she was filming near her husband’s office. This gave the couple enough time to finally enjoy a simple yet meaningful date together. 

“So today, i choose my happiness, I choose my husband. My eyes are tired, but my heart is full,” she wrote. 

Making time for your partner and the kids


Putting your partner first is important but spending time together doesn’t always have to mean compromising on time with kids. It's all about striking the right balance.

While Sheila admits dates with her husband has been different, that “doesn’t mean it can’t happen”. 

“Nowadays, dates mean going for walks, watching a good movie at home, going nearby for dinner,” she explained.


We couldn’t agree more. Yes, your kids come first, but nothing can happen without a loving partner. All of us certainly need to take a leaf out of Sheila’s book and prioritise our partners, at least some times. 

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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