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Single's Inferno 3 has ended: Who's still together and which cast members are hanging out?

Single's Inferno 3 has ended: Who's still together and which cast members are hanging out?
Lee Gwan-hee from Single's Inferno 3 gets approached by Cho Min-ji and Yun Ha-jeong.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Netflix K-Content

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Hit dating reality show Single's Inferno 3 aired its finale yesterday (Jan 9) and four lucky couples got to walk out of metaphorical hell, hand-in-hand.

Bakery owner Lee Jin-seok had his eyes on pilates instructor An Min-young from the beginning, with the couple going to Paradise (on a date) during the series. They ended up with each other at the finale as well. 

Before they walked off together, Min-young asked Jin-seok to bake her some bread, and it appears that the 31-year-old has kept his word, with the couple seemingly still on good terms.

Instagram Stories from Min-young show that she visited his cafe with a friend. She also posted a behind-the-scenes photo of herself with Jin-seok and shared fan edits of the couple.

On the other hand, while Jin-seok has shared photos with various cast members including Min-young on his Instagram Story, his Instagram post following the finale features Yun Ha-jeong instead, followed by a group shot.


"Where's Min-young?" asked a netizen, to which another snarked: "At the back."

Others shared that they preferred Jin-seok with Ha-jeong, platonically or otherwise.


Contestant Yoo Si-eun got her pick between Son Won-ik and Choi Min-woo, and picked the latter. While it is unclear if they are together in real life, Min-woo has been sharing fan edits of the couple on his Instagram Stories.

Kim Gyu-ri — who was caught in a love triangle with Min-woo and Si-eun — went with Park Min-kyu instead. However, Gyu-ri and Min-kyu don't follow each other on Instagram, pointing to signs that it may not have worked out between them.

Basketball player Lee Gwan-hee — who was previously contemplating between three women — picked Choi Hye-seon over Ha-jeong and Cho Min-ji, stating: "The conversations we had, ones which could only happen when two hearts truly connect, are why I can't forget Hye-seon."


He has shared a post with his castmates on Instagram, with the final photo being one of himself and Hye-seon. Hye-seon has yet to post anything about the finale.

While it is unclear if he's been successful on the romantic front, Gwan-hee appears to have made lasting friendships during the series.

His castmates Jin-seok, Min-young, Yun Ha-bin, Won-ik, Ha-jeong, Min-kyu and Si-eun have all been spotted attending his games. No sign of Hye-seon and Min-ji, though.



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