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'I smashed everything in the house': Tony Leung and Andy Lau on the rare times they lost their temper

'I smashed everything in the house': Tony Leung and Andy Lau on the rare times they lost their temper
Tony Leung (left) and Andy Lau shared the rare times they expressed their anger on a recent episode of Carol Cheng’s The Do Show.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Carol Cheng

Everyone has a temper, including mild-mannered Hong Kong superstars Tony Leung and Andy Lau.

The two actors, who are in the movie The Goldfinger currently showing in cinemas, recently went on actress-host Carol Cheng's YouTube series The Do Show.

Carol, 66, shared that although she has known both of them for years and worked with them before, she has never seen them get angry and wondered if they ever lose their temper.

Tony, 61, and Andy, 62, admitted while that rarely happens, on occasions where they actually do, they can get destructive.

Tony added: "I kept it to myself and got angry at myself."

He recalled he has only lost his temper once and he was alone at that time.

"I smashed everything in the house," he revealed.

Carol was surprised at his revelation and asked him why, but Tony couldn't remember what ticked him off.


"It happened a very long time ago. I smashed the first item and then couldn't stop myself," Tony said.

Andy shared that he also has a temper but it's witnessed mostly by his own family members only.

He said: "In my daily life, I must maintain my emotions and not be affected."

"I lose control too and I don't think I would lose to Tony," he added, much to Carol's astonishment.

Andy recounted there was once he got very angry because there were some issues at work and everyone blamed each other.

"I tore down the clothes racks to express my anger. After that, I thought about how troublesome it can be to have to tidy up," he said.

Carol commented: "You probably won't have to tidy up after that."

"I did! Actually, I don't have many people to help me at home," Andy said.

'I don't know what good she sees in me'

Carol also asked how both Andy and Tony maintain long-lasting relationships with their partners.

Tony shared that his actress wife Carina Lau accommodates him because there are times where he prefers to be alone. But there are also times when he would want to accompany her for meals and tours.

"I think it is all about accommodating and respecting each other," he added.


As for Andy, who married Malaysian former model Carol Chu in 2008, said: "I don't know what good she sees in me. I also don't know what good I saw in her, but it's just two people coming together."

He added that they don't exactly accommodate each other and when they had a long-distance relationship, they didn't call each other for half a year.

When asked if it was hard not to maintain contact, Andy replied that Chu didn't request for him to.

"That must be fate, both of you have found the right person," said Carol.

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