Song Ji-hyo of Running Man celebrates 40th birthday with lots of cake

PHOTO: Instagram/my_songjihyo

SEOUL – Host-actress Song Ji-hyo turned 40 on Sunday (Aug 15) in the sweetest possible way – with lots of cake. About 20, in fact, all elaborately decorated.

The popular star, who is one of the regular cast members of the variety show Running Man, posted photos of her surrounded by the baked goods and other presents on Instagram.

"Everyone, I sincerely thank you all so much for celebrating my birthday with me every year," she wrote.

She also posted close-ups of the cakes, some of which were decorated with figurines or photos of her.

There was also one which looked like a crate of drinks and another two which looked like spicy stew in a pot.

The gifts were from her fans in South Korea as well as overseas.

In the episode of Running Man which aired on her birthday, she was teased for appearing on fellow host Kim Jong-kook's YouTube channel.

Kim, 45, who recently launched the fitness channel, had invited her to work out with him at his home, but the other cast members joked that she looked far too comfortable.

He protested: "We were working. All of you guys agreed to come on my YouTube channel.

"It was Song Ji-hyo's turn and she had the chance to promote her new drama," he added, referring to her latest series, The Witch's Diner. "Don't make up romance rumours."

Song chimed in: "It wasn't that I was comfortable. I was just on the verge of passing out."

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This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.