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Sonia Sui sued by neighbours, says she was warned about 'troublesome' family when moving in

Sonia Sui sued by neighbours, says she was warned about 'troublesome' family when moving in
Sonia Sui and her husband Tony Hsieh have three children aged four to seven
PHOTO: Facebook/Sonia Sui

TAIPEI – The dispute between Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui and her neighbours shows no sign of slowing down.

The 42-year-old and her family have been accused by unnamed residents living below her apartment unit in Taipei of allowing her three young children to make lots of noise by running around and playing in the early morning and late at night, according to a report by Taiwanese magazine Mirror Media on Tuesday (Feb 7).

Sui and her businessman husband Tony Hsieh have three children – elder son Max, seven; daughter Lucy, six; and younger son Olie, four. The family and their housekeeper and caregiver moved in in July 2022.

According to Mirror Media, the neighbours said they had called the police twice to resolve the issue but to no avail and had to resort to taking out a civil suit against the family.

Sui, whose Taiwanese comedy movie Scamsgiving opens in Singapore cinemas on Thursday, took to Facebook late on Tuesday to give her side of the story in a long post.

"When we went to view the apartment, we were told by residents of the building that this was a good one but the neighbours downstairs were a little troublesome," Sui wrote in Chinese.

The problems began when they started renovating the unit, as the female neighbour kept going over to look at the progress.

The female neighbour said she took sleeping pills every day and requested some changes to Sui's apartment to combat the noise, such as adding a layer of sponge under the stairs to improve the structural vibration problems that had existed in the building.

Sui said they installed almost 30cm of sponge to the floor to appease her, but the requests did not end after her family moved in.

"The female neighbour would ring our doorbell during normal hours and ask for the children to keep quiet," she wrote. "If we opened the door, she would complain loudly and hysterically."

Sui stressed in the post that she does not hold parties in her home and that her family routine is simple and regular.

"The children wake up at 6.30am and go to school at 7.30am on weekdays. They have dinner at 6pm and are in bed by 8pm to 8.30pm," she wrote. "Our place is basically quiet after 9pm."


Sui also addressed the neighbours' claim that she and her family refused to open the door in January when the police went to their apartment.

"We did not open the door because we were not at home," she wrote. "We were spending Chinese New Year in Hualien."

Sui's husband also took to social media on Wednesday morning to support her case. He posted a text message from their apartment's previous resident, who said she had similar experiences.

However, the neighbour and her husband refuted Sui's Facebook post in a statement sent to Mirror Media on Wednesday.

They even pointed out a discrepancy in Sui's Hualien claim, saying that she was still in Taipei on Jan 18 attending the premiere of Scamsgiving.

Sui's manager told Taiwan's Next Apple News that Sui will not respond further to the neighbours' allegations as the matter is currently being dealt with through legal channels.

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This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.

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