Sonia Sui's 14-month-old toddler 'crash lands' from bed, breaks collarbone

PHOTO: Instagram/ suitangtang

You know the saying about how mums get more relaxed with each subsequent child she has?

It seems like Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui's like that. Or she's just really chill, with a great sense of humour to boot.

Late yesterday (Feb 24), the 39-year-old posted on Instagram about 14-month-old Olie's painful injury. The cute tot is her youngest child with husband Tony. Sonia is also mum to four-year-old Max and three-year-old Lucy.

In her light-hearted post, she joked that she was interrupting her "usual transmission" with a special episode of Crash Landing On You (the hottest K-drama currently) starring Olie.

"The drama tells the touching story of how the male lead decided to conquer a 1.3 metre-high bed railing in order to reunite with his beloved soft toy that had fallen to the ground," Sonia wrote in her post.

"He executed a highly difficult move, crash landing his shoulder on the bedroom floor and breaking his clavicle into two parts, wailing in tears as he clasped his toy in his arms."

Sonia then hash-tagged #thankgod, #itsnothingbig, #babieshavemiraculousrecoveryskills, #nosurgeryneeded, among others.

We wish little Olie a quick recovery!

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