Stefanie Sun, barefooted and with tousled hair, springs surprise livestream on 20th anniversary of her debut

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Throughout the one-hour livestream, local songbird Stefanie Sun often ran her fingers through her hair.

"Is it very obvious that I haven't had a haircut?" she asked.

"It's a little horrific and messy. But I'm quite happy not having to tend to my hair. I really like my hairdresser but I go crazy having to colour and do my hair. It's the one thing in my career that drives me nuts," she said animatedly.

Another thing that seems to annoy her about live performances is shoes.

The 41-year-old said it's her dream to sing barefooted in a concert, but she had been told by her management that female celebrities have to wear heels on stage.

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

So in a rare move, Stefanie went barefooted and sported lightly tousled hair as she sprang a surprise one-hour livestream concert on fans last night (June 9) in celebration of her 20th year in showbiz.

In the first half of the show, she chatted, joked, and sang acapella snippets of her hit songs, and also performed with a live band in the second half.

Revealing tidbits of her "quite dull" life, the mother-of-two said she has been cooking, drawing, and taking online Mandarin classes during the circuit breaker.

"10 years ago, I climbed a mountain with my fans, and we saw the sunrise. The tenth anniversary was a huge milestone for me. Back then, we talked about doing the same thing again ten years later," she said.

"Even though we can't do that now (because of the coronavirus pandemic), all of us ⁠— living in different regions of the world ⁠— are facing different obstacles in our lives now, and we are climbing up our own personal mountains. "I didn't forget the promise we made 10 years ago. We can't fulfil it now but we are still together. Thank you for keeping me company these 20 years."

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

During the performance, Stefanie also cheekily blew a kiss to her husband Nadim Van Der Ros after realising he was watching the livestream.

He thought she had gone to the office that day to collect her long-service award, she added.

Celeb friends like Kit Chan and JJ Lin also commented during the performance. Kit asked if she was going to sing, and Stefanie immediately stuck her hand out in a cutesy wave.

"(Kit) would ask why I'm so hiao (flirty)," she joked. "I like to tease her. When I see her, I like to act coy with her, and she'll go, 'Why are you like that?'"

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Stefanie Sun in an exaggerated wave to fellow Singaporean singer Kit Chan. PHOTO: Facebook screengrab