Aloysius Pang's lead role in local drama to be filled by Story of Yanxi Palace's Lawrence Wong

PHOTO: Instagram/ohohlawrence

Heartthrob Lawrence Wong is set to play the male lead in Channel 8's latest romantic drama My One In A Million after a recast.

Originally slated to be played by the late actor Aloysius Pang, the role will now see the 30-year-old Wong star alongside local actress Carrie Wong and actor James Seah, the crew announced today (Feb 11). 

The role also marks a return onto the local screens for the Beijing-based actor. He previously played a role in TV series 118.

With his appearance in the highly popular Chinese drama Story of Yanxi Palace, the actor experienced an explosive growth in popularity, gaining thousands of followers on Weibo and Instagram

In an interview with Channel 8, the actor shared his feelings on the role, "I'm a Singaporean, and even though I have been pursuing my career overseas, when there is a good script and role, I am still willing to come back and partake in it." 

The actor also discussed the timing of this opportunity, adding how this was a "special circumstance" due to the sudden passing of Aloysius after he was injured in a military exercise in New Zealand. Lawrence added that his schedule had fit perfectly with the shoot, and that he was "more than willing to help."

"This is my own way of contributing to and supporting the local entertainment scene." 

He also teased a bit more about his character in the drama, sharing that the latter is a serious and attractive man; however, he gets nervous and develops a body odour when he meets a girl he likes.

While we don't know if Lawrence is similar to his character in real life, we do know that Lawrence has big plans this year -- one of it is to release a music single.

"My main job is acting, and my duty is to act well. But as for singing, it is a way to become closer to and express myself," he revealed.