Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang's now known as 'Mrs Chen'

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and love is in the air.

Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang is the latest in a line of celebrities who've announced their nuptials in recent days.

The 41-year-old actress has registered her marriage to a 39-year-old businessman known as Ben, reported Taiwan's Apple Daily.

The pair, who've been dating for three years, reportedly met through mutual friend and 'matchmaker', Taiwanese singer Phoebe Huang.

Huang was also a witness at the ceremony today (Dec 18), Apple Daily reported. Yang was photographed wearing a red outfit, while Ben sported a shirt and blazer ensemble.

The actress last made a public appearance on Dec 10, two days before her birthday, where she'd told reporters she was going camping with Ben the next morning to celebrate.

Just two weeks earlier at another event, Yang had expressed a firm desire to get married and have kids and dropped a big hint about her wedding plans.

Asked whether the date had been set, she replied, "We'll register our marriage first!"

In a Facebook post this afternoon, Yang expressed her love for Ben, who's said to run an oil equipment company, declaring: "I'm Mrs Chen now, no longer Ms Yang.

大家好!我是陳太太,不再是楊小姐,對於這新的身份我非常喜歡,也非常珍惜,從在一起的第一天到現在,我最期待的是每次見到你,你總是給我溫暖的笑容及滿滿的愛,在這1095天的日子裡,謝謝有你,愛讓我們相互扶持,相互照顧,相互成長,在未來的日子裏,我們要繼續糾纏一輩子哦~陳先生❤️ 2018.12.18 #別問我為何是今天就是一個Fu~ #人生新篇章今天正式啟動 #陳先生陳太太 #祝有情人終成眷屬

Posted by 楊謹華 Cheryl on Monday, December 17, 2018

"I love and cherish my new status."

Yang added that since the first day that they met, Ben has always greeted her with a warm, loving smile. 

"In these 1,095 days we've been together, I'm thankful for you... let's continue to be wrapped up in each other for a lifetime."