Taiwanese music producer visits Godfrey Gao's grave on his first death anniversary, dies suddenly there

The late Godfrey Gao (left) and Lü Xiaodong
PHOTO: Instagram/ godfreygao, Internet screengrab

Taiwanese music producer Lü Xiaodong, 63, was found unconscious on Thursday (Nov 26) at a cemetery after visiting the grave of the late Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao.

According to media reports, Xiaodong's wife is a fan of Godfrey, who died of cardiac failure on Nov 27 last year while filming on the set of night-time reality game show Chase Me in China.

As she was out of the country, she asked Xiaodong to help her pay respects to Godfrey on his first death anniversary. He reportedly went to the Chin Pao San Cemetery on his own yesterday.

Their daughter became concerned when he had not returned home after a long time. After she called the cemetery office, staff members found Xiaodong unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police reportedly found no obvious external injuries on him and the preliminary cause of death is believed to be heart-related. The exact cause of death is pending investigation.

Xiaodong was known for producing over a hundred songs for various singers including Jeannie Hsieh and Showlen Maya. He had just celebrated his birthday on Nov 21.