'You were such a gentleman': Godfrey Gao's sudden death leaves celebrities grieving and in disbelief

Taiwanese-Canadian actor-model and bonafide heartthrob Godfrey Gao died this morning (Nov 27) as a result of cardiac failure whilst filming on the set of nighttime reality game show, Chase me, in Ningbo, China.

His sudden death left friends and fans from all over the world at a loss for words.

Local celebrities such as Sheila Sim, Belinda Lee and JJ Lin immediately took to social media to express their shock and disbelief about his passing.

In her Instagram post, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan wrote: "My heart is broken." Godfrey had been her husband Blackie Chen's groomsman when the couple got married back in 2011.

Godfrey Gao (first from the right) was Blackie Chen's (fourth from the right) groomsman during his wedding. PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo

Actresses Shu Qi, who acted alongside Godfrey in Chinese sci-fi movie Shanghai Fortress, Qin Lan, his on-screen lover from We Are All Alone, as well as his fellow supporting cast member Sonia Sui in The Kid from Heaven also paid their respects.

Godfrey's serious yet gentle demeanour also touched the hearts of actors who worked with him through the years.

Qin Lan: "When we met at an event a few days ago, you were still chatting with me, asking if I was thirsty and specially went to get a drink for me. You loved animals, loved life and loved living and you were such a gentleman.

You were slow to warm up to others and you were shy, but you gave every staff member a hug when filming ended. You offered to take me to eat good food when I'm in Taiwan. You were so excited when you told me about the new movie you'll be filming when we were in Paris.

You've always been so dedicated to your work and easy to work with and you take care of everyone. You're such a good man, may you rest in peace." PHOTO: Weibo/Qin Lan

Shu Qi: "May you rest in peace."

Sonia Sui: "Life is too capricious. You were such a big and warmhearted boy, RIP." 

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