Taiwanese singer Stella Chang gets $75 million in alimony

PHOTO: Weibo

Following the announcement of her divorce on June 22, Taiwanese singer Stella Chang is said to be receiving a whopping NT$1.6 billion (S$75.5 million) in alimony from her ex-husband, banker Sung Hsueh-jen.

The amount includes cash, shares, and also a mansion.

Stella had said in a statement that they were divorcing due to irreconcilable differences. Taiwanese media recently reported that her reasons for the divorce is because she had lost herself and become an outsider in the family.

Reports say that Sung placed their two sons and career as his focus, and Stella had to obtain his permission first in order to do anything. With their sons mostly overseas and Sung pre-occupied with his work, Stella decided to file for divorce.

The pair married in 2005.

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