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Tay Ping Hui: Lawrence Wong spat on me; it was interesting

Tay Ping Hui: Lawrence Wong spat on me; it was interesting
PHOTO: iQiyi

There's no better time to launch a spooky supernatural show than the seventh lunar month, aka the Chinese Ghost Month.

Apart from the Thai horror film The Medium which is showing in cinemas now, supernatural drama series The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang was also launched on streaming platform iQiyi recently.

The show — iQiyi's first Southeast Asia original series — stars big local names like Qi Yuwu, Lawrence Wong, Jeanette Aw, and Tay Ping Hui; familiar Malaysian actresses Chris Tong and Koe Yeet; as well as Taiwanese rookie Kate Kinney.

Lawrence plays Xia Dongqing, who has yin-yang eyes and can see spirits. He, along with his trusty partners Zhao Li (played by Qi Yuwu) and Xiao Ya (Kate Kinney), communicates with the distressed, wandering souls in the mortal world and helps them with their unfinished business.

In a recent media event, Ping Hui said he plays a 10,000-year-old mythical creature Tao Tie, who's the fifth son of the dragon god, and comes to blows with Dongqing and Zhao Li for eating humans. This was his first time playing a non-human.

Recounting one of their scenes together, Ping Hui said light-heartedly: "Lawrence spat 'dragon's pee' on me, it was interesting, it's once in a lifetime."

The 50-year-old told AsiaOne it was an "an interesting life experience" and that his only request to Lawrence was for him to do it in one take.

"'Just get it done with and aim properly', I told him. It's just one of those things, you know, if you've got to do it, you've got to do it," he added.

Lawrence, 33, explained in a separate interview that 'dragon's pee' in the show refers to a virgin's urine. But of course, it was only water during filming.

He added: "It was pretty interesting because, you know, we had to preferably do it in one take, and I didn't want to keep spurting water on him. But luckily it was just one take and it was a memorable experience. Now I can tell everybody that I spat water on Tay Ping Hui before."


In a fight scene shown in the drama sizzle, Tao Tie morphs into a horned monster and thankfully for Ping Hui, it was all CGI — putting on prosthetics is a painful process, he explained.

There was, however, a scene where Tao Tie's skin is burnt, and Ping Hui said he spent around two hours in the makeup room having patches of latex pasted on his face to look the part.

Removing the fake skin after filming was easier. "I just ripped it off," he joked, before clarifying the makeup artists removed it for him in a "proper way".

The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang is now showing on iQiyi, with two new episodes released every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm.

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