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Thai star Nine Naphat responds to rumours of split from Baifern Pimchanok

Thai star Nine Naphat responds to rumours of split from Baifern Pimchanok
PHOTO: Instagram/naphat_nine

Are they together or are they not?

Rumours of a split have dogged Thai celebrity couple 'Nine' Naphat Siangsomboon, 28, and 'Baifern' Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, 31, ever since their recent return from a holiday together.

The high-profile couple famously got together in 2022 and have also co-starred in several projects, including Friend Zone in 2019 and Sroi Sabunnga: A Tale of Ylang Ylang in 2022.

Thai media expressed suspicions that the pair broke up following their trip to Switzerland in May — photos of which remain up on the pair's Instagram accounts.


The rumours reportedly kicked into high gear after an Instagram post from Baifern last week, which appeared to show the actress wiping away tears while at a rehearsal. "This is what it looks like," she wrote.


Baifern also declined to address the rumour when attending an event recently, which led to more fervent speculation.

On Wednesday (June 26) however, Nine put out a statement for the first time on the matter.

In the Instagram post, the actor requested for time to "resolve the problem", and stated that his mother as well as Baifern's family had been "badly impacted" by the rumours.

"Permit me to use this space to explain, before the story gets out of hand," he wrote.


He stated that he will provide an explanation to the media after addressing the issue privately.

"I would like to express my gratitude for all of the support towards me and Baifern. Thank you," he wrote.

According to media reports, netizens had speculated that Nine's mother, actress Pimpaka Siangsomboon, had a hand in the alleged souring of the relationship.

They stated that she had unfollowed Baifern on social media previously and had also posted a message stating "I'm so lonely", while the pair were travelling.

However, Pimpaka has reportedly threatened to sue publications that have linked her to the alleged breakup.

She has also changed her profile on Facebook, which states: "Stay calm. No need to prove anything to anyone, and no need to tell your story anymore. Those untrue rumours, just let it go."


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