'Too poor to afford a ticket': Fan manages to catch glimpse of Jay Chou in concert from 'Cat 0' seats

'Too poor to afford a ticket': Fan manages to catch glimpse of Jay Chou in concert from 'Cat 0' seats
PHOTO: TikTok/Kwangggyou

No money to pay for a Jay Chou concert ticket? No problem.

It seems concertgoers have found a hack to still be in on the action at the Singapore National Stadium, despite not holding a ticket.

"When you're too poor to afford a Jay Chou ticket", captioned one video by TikTok user Kwangggyou, which showed more than 10 people crowded around one of the stadium gates for a closeup view.

The view from the "Cat 0" section?

Zooming in with his camera, one could easily see Jay's image on the big screen and vaguely make out his silhouette on stage.

"Taobao Jay Chou," described Kwangggyou of the hack.


"Pretty soon they will have guards to patrol the area. Thanks for sharing the loophole," noted one TikTok user sarcastically. 

Another commenter, however, advised against such a practice. "Don't do this. So shy if news spreads overseas."

AsiaOne has reached out to Kwangggyou for comment.

In a separate video shared by TikTok user Jaylim8821, throngs of people could be seen gathered outside the gates to the stadium gates — where the King of Mandopop is holding the Singapore leg of his Carnival World Tour concert.

The two-night event kicked off yesterday (Dec 17).

Many fans were captured sitting on the concrete ground, holding out their phones and bopping along to the music.

Others came prepared, armed with picnic mats and food. A few people seemed happy to just stand around and enjoy the free live music.


But not everyone left the concert pleased.

On TikTok, user Sghabibi complained about the complimentary light sticks being "reused" from Jay's last show here in January 2020.


The heart-shaped nightstick featured the words "Jay 20" and "Singapore". A search from Carousell also pulled up similar light sticks being sold online two years ago.

"Jay Chou are you kidding me?" ranted Sghabibi in the caption, adding, "Pay so much money to get reused light sticks from two years ago".

In comments to the TikTok video, several users clarified that the "Jay 20" referred to the 20th anniversary of his debut, and not the year.

Some commenters added that their light sticks were not even working, possibly due to flat batteries.

Event organisers were apparently aware of the issue. A source told AsiaOne that a message apologising for the faulty light sticks was flashed onscreen prior to the concert.

But reusing and recycling might not be a bad thing

"Save the Earth. You just go listen to him, not for the free gifts," wrote one commenter.

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