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'Trigger warning': Maggot surprise for Noah Yap after he forgets to take out trash

'Trigger warning': Maggot surprise for Noah Yap after he forgets to take out trash
Noah Yap was disgusted to discover maggots crawling on the interior of his dustbin.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Noah Yap, Instagram/Noah Yap

Do your daily chores and keep your home clean, or you may find yourself with some uninvited guests — up to a few hundred of them.

In a video uploaded to TikTok yesterday (Sept 20), local actor Noah Yap shared a short clip of a large group of maggots crawling on the interior of his dustbin lid.

"Always remember to throw your trash every day," the 28-year-old wrote on his post.

In the 20-second video, Noah first states that the post carries a "trigger warning" and recommends viewers to "scroll up now" and avoid his post. For added effect, he paired the text with footage of him screaming and shaking the camera.

The video then cuts to him stepping on the pedal of a step bin, flipping the lid open.

This reveals the horrific sight of multiple small white maggots crawling on the interior of the lid, while some brown ones remain stationary in groups.


always remember to throw your trash everyday…….

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Commented one TikTok user: "I regret watching this during lunch."

Said another: "Buy a new house at this point bro."

Another comment suggested that Noah should just toss out the entire bin.


In the video, Noah used a bug spray on the maggots but despite so, some still squirmed around. 

One user advised: "Don't use the spray, it's no use — see how they're still moving no matter how much you spray… wash your dustbin with hot water."

"I warned you," Noah wrote at the end of the video, feigning gagging and covering his mouth.

Some curious users also wrote in the comments to enquire just how long Noah had left his trash in the bin. Noah replied that he had only left it in there for "just a few days".

Common female house flies are reportedly able to produce five or six batches of eggs over a few days, with each batch consisting about 75 to 150 eggs.

After 48 hours, these will hatch into legless white larvae, which will eventually moult multiple times to form an adult house fly.

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