TV host Ah Xiang apologises again for cheating, all work put on hold

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Days after delivering a rather confusing apology, Taiwanese TV host Ah Xiang has once again said sorry for his infidelity.

Last week, he was caught cheating on his wife Grace Kung with colleague Cheryl Hsieh when photos of the pair kissing were published online.

The 38-year-old Plungon member held a press conference today (June 18) to face the media with fellow member Hao Zi.

Choking with emotions, Ah Xiang apologised to his wife and children as well as his family, friends, and Hao Zi for disappointing them.

"I've made a grave mistake. I humbly accept all criticisms and consequences and take responsibility for them."

The father of three also thanked his wife who is willing to stand by him.

"My wife and my children are my greatest responsibility and my promise for life."

"Looking forward, I will redouble my efforts to protect them from any hurt and (we will) be together forever," said the singer-host.

Even though he broke her heart, Grace chose to weather the storm with her husband. In a Facebook post yesterday, she said that she decided to forgive him.

Since the affair came to light, Ah Xiang said he has stopped contacting Cheryl and doesn't know how she's doing now. He added that "the most important thing now is to take care of (his) family."

Meanwhile, Hao Zi assured media and fans that Plungon will not disband over the cheating scandal.

But it may be a while before we'll see Ah Xiang or Cheryl on TV screens again, for their agency A-Star has put all their work commitments on hold indefinitely.

A-Star's CEO said, "They need time to stabilize their moods and reflect on their actions," and added that Cheryl will not be holding a press conference.

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