Veteran actor Kenneth Tsang found dead in Hong Kong quarantine hotel room

Veteran actor Kenneth Tsang found dead in Hong Kong quarantine hotel room
PHOTO: Weibo/Kenneth Tsang

Veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang has died at the age of 87.

According to Hong Kong media HK01, he had travelled from Singapore to Hong Kong on Monday (April 25) and checked in at a quarantine hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui. He did an ART test the following day which came back negative.

An employee from the health ministry checked in on him this morning but did not receive a response. A hotel employee opened the door to his room at 12.14pm and found Kenneth unconscious.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and declared him dead.

The police are investigating cause of death.

As1.entertainment contacted his wife Taiwanese actress Chiao Chiao, 79, after the news broke. Her daughter-in-law picked up the call and told reporters Chiao Chiao's emotions were still "okay" before hanging up the phone.

The publication also contacted Kenneth's friend, actor Bowie Wu.

The 90-year-old was shocked when he heard the news from reporters. "I don't believe it. Even if you tell me the media have published the news, I still don't believe it. I feel very unsettled now."


According to media reports, Kenneth's ex-wife Barbara Tang also told reporters he had called his daughter after experiencing chest pains last night. His son-in-law sent some medicine to the hotel and also ordered food for him.

It is not certain if Kenneth received the medicine.

His daughter realised something was amiss when he didn't pick up his calls this morning. She contacted the hotel and asked for the staff to check on him. When he didn't answer the door as well, his family asked staff to open the room door.

As Kenneth was under quarantine, hotel staff had to contact the health ministry first before entering the room.

Kenneth was a familiar face to local viewers not just because of his roles in TVB dramas. He acted in several local TV shows including The Teochew Family (1995), Heart of the Family (1996), The Unbeatables II and The New Adventures Of Wisely (1998).

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