Veteran Hong Kong actor Michael Chan reveals he had lung cancer

PHOTO: Weibo

He just got married to his partner of 50 years earlier this month, but veteran Hong Kong actor Michael Chan has made the news again.

His health recently came under the spotlight after their daughter Didi posted a family photo with the caption "Papa getting better" on Instagram.

According to Hong Kong media, Michael, 75, was diagnosed with lung cancer and he confirmed it with them via a phone interview yesterday (on Sept 14). However, he seems to be on the road to recovery as it was caught early.

Michael said: "I had lung cancer, but I'm better now. I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm now at the hospital for a check-up and I need to get some injections. Call me in a few days."

It was also reported that when Michael was stricken with cancer, an acquaintance used his illness as an excuse to borrow money from the actor's close friends and family.

Those involved have made police reports, including Michael who supposedly called the perpetrator a "cheater".

Additionally, Michael went on his daughter's social media accounts to clear the air and call out the perpetrator, even sharing photographs that the two of them took together. He said that they were only just "normal friends".

In response, the man accused of cheating released a statement saying that he's been living in the US and Michael's words have tarnished his reputation. He has also asked the actor to remove all content related to him from social media.

However, all seems well because Michael's daughter posted an update today to say that her father has recovered. She also went on to say the photo of her father lying in a hospital bed was secretly taken by someone back in July.

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