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What's streaming this April & May: Everything Everywhere All at Once reprise and two black comedies

What's streaming this April & May: Everything Everywhere All at Once reprise and two black comedies

April and May look pretty well stocked with decent-looking shows. Here are some of our picks.


The very underrated Bill Hader returns as Barry Berkman, a depressed hitman who found a new life as an aspiring actor but is having a difficult time leaving himself and his past behind. It all comes to a head in the final season, where he comes to terms with who he really is and what it means for those closest to him. This season probably leans towards dark more than comedy, but that’s the true nature of the beast, I suppose.

Release date April 16
Network HBO

Drops of God

It feels a little odd for Apple to pick up a manga-based title but Drops of God might be an inspired pick–no one explains hobbies and sports better than the Japanese, so Drops of God will be an excellent TL;DR for high-level wine-tasting hijinks in ways that you’ve never thought you’d care for.

Camille (Fleur Geffrier), daughter of deceased wine aficionado Alexandre Leger, faces off against Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita), her father’s protege, to earn the right to the most coveted private collection of wine that Leger leaves behind.

Release date April 21
Network Apple TV+

Star Wars Visions Vol 2

This edition of Visions will be less anime-centric as there is a more diverse list of nine talented studios this time around, featuring animators from Chile to South Africa to Japan. Fans will be treated to nine eclectic takes on everyone’s favourite space opera, ranging from edgy to downright adorable.

Release date May 4
Network Disney+

Ultraman Season 3

The final season of the Ultraman series finally drops this May, with the six heroes Seven, Taro, Zoffy, Jack, Ace and Ultraman returning to defend Earth against Dark Star. Young Shinjiro Hayata (Ryohei Kimura) continues to struggle to control his powers and one incident ends with disastrous consequences. Will he be able to pick himself up and stop Dark Star’s next dastardly plan?

Release date May 11
Network Netflix

High Desert

The Ben Stiller connection is strong in this production featuring Patricia Arquette, Christine Taylor and Jay Roach (he directed the Fockers trilogy). Arquette, who also serves as executive producer, plays Peggy, a relapsing addict who tries to start anew following her mother’s death: by deciding to become a private investigator.

Release date May 17
Network Apple TV+

American Born Chinese

Based on Gene Yuen Lang’s graphic novel of the same name, American Born Chinese can probably ride the Everything, Everywhere All at Once train hard with Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and Stephanie Hsu cast as Guayin, Freddy Wong and Shiji Niang Niang respectively.

ABC is centred around Jin Wang (Ben Wang) is an average teenager who gets embroiled in a battle with Chinese mythological gods; gods like the evergreen James Hong, Chin Han and Daniel Wu. Comics Jimmy O. Yang and Ronny Chieng also feature.

Release date  May 24
Network Disney+

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