Why does Zed refuse to watch his parents' dramas? Dad Christopher Lee gives an unexpected answer

Why does Zed refuse to watch his parents' dramas? Dad Christopher Lee gives an unexpected answer
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Some local celebrities prefer to keep their children out of the public glare, like Zoe Tay, Qi Yuwu, and Joanne Peh.

Power couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, on the other hand, have been generous in sharing photos and anecdotes of their six-year-old son Zed.

When daddy Christopher, 49, recently went on Mediacorp talkshow The Inner Circle, Fann and Zed appeared as special guests — Zed even performed a short lion dance — and some personal stories were spilled.

Fann, 50, talked about the first time she met Christopher when he was a contestant in Star Search 1995, and her first impressions weren't flattering.

"I remember I went to the costume department and a colleague from the variety show department showed me the contestants' photos, asking who I thought would win the competition," Fann told host Guo Liang.

"I saw a photo of this uncle and asked, 'How old is he? Can he actually take part?' When I later saw him in person, I thought he looked very handsome but it was a pity that he wasn't telegenic at all."

(FYI, Christopher came in first runner-up, after Ix Shen.)

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Guo Liang also asked Zed if he's watched his parents on TV before. Surprisingly, the boy replied no and that he doesn't like to.

When a montage of the couple's dramas was played, Zed covered his mummy's eyes and told her not to watch.

"Only dad can see," he said, before turning his head away and walking off the set, pulling Fann behind him.

Guo Liang appeared bewildered and Christopher explained why Zed behaved so uncharacteristically.

"When we first introduced him to our dramas, he accidentally saw a trailer where someone threw an egg at mummy," Christopher said.

He also appeared in that scene, which was from the 2018 drama Doppelganger.

"Ever since then, every time I told Zed I'm leaving for work, he would ask if mummy would be there too. If she was, Zed would tell her not to go. He's trying to protect mummy in his way."

Comically, Zed ran back into the studio at this point, ignoring his father totally, to pick up the lion costume that he had left behind before zooming backstage.

"This place is too scary! What a horrifying environment!" Guo Liang joked.

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