Yoga Lin to Jesseca Liu: Romantic quotes and vows from Asian celebrity couples

PHOTO: HIM International Music

Personal, touching and funny, these celebrities wore their hearts on their sleeves when they exchanged their wedding vows.

1. Song Joong-ki to Song Hye-kyo

Throwback to the Descendents of the Sun days and the obsession with the public’s favourite couple Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo who fell in love while filming.

Even though they have since split, it doesn’t mean that their love was any less real or their vows less moving.

The Song Song couple’s wedding in 2017 was so heartwarming and beautiful that it put most watching it to tears. But what made the beautiful bride start crying was Joong-ki’s words of love to her that day.

“We have come to walk the same path that people worldwide have walked before us. At times it’ll rain, winds will blow and we may trip over obstacles.

"But over time, we will bravely get up again by holding each others’ hand.

"We’ll playfully smile at each other and say ‘It’s not a big deal'. We’ll learn to continue walking even more firmly and bravely.”

2. Jeremy Chan to Jesseca Liu

PHOTO: Jesseca Liu 

Jeremy’s vows to Jesseca was characteristically humorous (and touching): “During the three years that we have been together, you have let me understood that acceptance, tolerance and height are not problems..”, and ended on a particularly poetic and relatable note that had us swooning over his declaration of love and devotion:

“If I can only love you for four days, it will be in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

"If I can only love you for three days, it will be yesterday, today and tomorrow. If I can only love you for two days, it will be in the good times and bad times.

"If I can only love you for one day, make that each day that I breathe.”

3. Jesseca Liu to Jeremy Chan

Jesseca took the opportunity to share her sense of gratitude and love to her groom, saying:

“Ever since we have been together, you have heard the ugliest words. But thankfully, you have a big heart and you have tolerated everything!

"Everyone says that you are lucky to have met me. But they don’t know that I am the lucky one. You have made me understand that being loved and being protected is actually such a wonderful thing.”

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4. Yoga Lin to Kiki Ting

PHOTO: HIM International Music

The couple had an intimate woodland ceremony in Japan, and in his vows, singer Yoga Lin touchingly shared how his wife Kiki Ting has altered his life by being by his side.

It seems being constantly on the verge of tears, is something one cannot help but feel during their wedding.

"We are originally two very different people. I’m too emotional, while you’re more logical. But, I really like that we are different in this way.

"Because of you, I’ve learnt to approach life with a different mindset. I have been able overcome obstacles I couldn’t have on my own. Because you’re my partner, I’ve come to better understand my weaknesses.”

5. Kiki Ting to Yoga Lin

A teary Kiki Ting had this to say to her husband and their new life together:

“You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. Your kindness and sincerity are qualities I would want to protect, alongside your dreams.

"I often thought of myself as a black hole. Actually, you seem like a black hole too. But two black holes can see the light in each other’s eyes.

"Thanks for appearing in my life. When I was down and out and pushing away the rest of the world, you held on tight to me and never gave up on me.

"You gave me hope, and now, you’re giving me a home as well.”

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6. Shawn Yue to Sarah Wang

PHOTO: Instagram/Shawn Yue

The 36-year-old-star announced on his Instagram that he has married his Taiwanese model girlfriend, Sarah Wang, 29. The couple had a low-key wedding in Melbourne, Australia, last December after dating for a year.

Shawn shared his feelings towards his wife in his Instagram:

“It’s all about meeting the right person at the right time. I want to thank Heaven for arranging the perfect you to appear at the perfect moment.

"I want to thank you for filling my world with positivity – so full of happiness, full of laughter. I also want to thank you for your innocence and how it has made my life simpler and happier.

"In the 12 months [that we’ve been together], you have changed my life so much. Thank you for trusting me and I’m grateful that you have entrusted me with the rest of your life.

"I will definitely bring you happiness and I will definitely take good care of you. I love you.”

7. Anita Yuen to Julian Cheung

While filming Love Journey 2, the loved-up couple shared their genuine feelings, where Anita said to her husband: “”It is very important and I do not want to see my loved ones leave earlier than me.

"You must die later than me and take care of your health.”

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8. Huang Xiaoming to Angelababy

PHOTO: Sina Weibo

Huang Xiaoming told Angelababy in his touching speech, that he “has never loved any other woman like this before, and I just want to give you the world.

"Even when we’re old and wrinkled, you will still be my princess… I will continue to pamper you from here and onward, so your heart would be mine forever.”

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9. Angelababy to Huang Xiaoming

As for the Hong Kong actress, she replied: “Through the good times and bad, I will always be there for you, build a family with you, which has always been my dream.

"I hope that one day in the future, when we’ve lived a long life together, you can say that you have found the right person to love and be happy with.”

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10. Janet Hsieh to George Young 

PHOTO: Instagram/George Young 

During their Antarctica wedding, Janet's vows were lighthearted yet sweet: “You usually don’t like to travel or do anything remotely risky or dangerous, but the fact that you’ve put up with me for the past five years and travelled to the end of the world and beyond, has proved to me that you the man.”

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11. George Young to Janet Hsieh

In contrast, the Singapore-based British actor shed tears when making his vows: “One of the scariest things you can do though, is to tell someone that you love them first. You made me do that, not with words but by being who you are.”

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