McDonald's fans queued overnight for a free hoodie and now it's selling for $250 on Carousell

McDonald's cult-favourite breakfast entreé is making a comeback -- in style. 

This morning (Feb 27), the fast-food giant brought back the McGriddles and dropped an exclusive hoodie that caused an overnight queue to form at the Springleaf Tower outlet. 

This was a pre-launch of the McGriddles burger, which will be available on breakfast menus islandwide come tomorrow. 

It's priced at $4.50 a-la-carte and $5.10 with the meal. With an egg, it costs $5.40 a-la-carte and $6 with the meal. 

Photo: McDonald's Singapore 

But before you get too excited (like we did), it's for a limited time only

Awww, McDees, why do you insist on playing with our feelings like this? 

Let's go back to the hoodie, which is the reason why people like Dave (who only wanted to be known by his first name) queued for over 12 hours to get their hands on the merch.


Housed in a solid, loud red box, the white-on-red font and "certified limited edition" authenticity card brings to mind another much hyped-about brand that also drew overnight queues.

Anyone else reminded of Supreme? Photo: AsiaOne/Joey Lee

As one would expect of a nation that fought for Hello Kitties and K-pop concert tickets, we were greeted by a snaking queue an hour before the sandwich was due to be released at 10am. 


According to a representative AsiaOne spoke to, the official queue was set up around midnight even though they only started giving out the tickets for the first 100 people around 8am the next day. 

Question is, are these people Team Hoodie or Team McGriddles? 

Most of the people we spoke to were there for the hoodie, which makes sense since:

1. The McGriddles will still be available tomorrow (minus the queue) and;

2. People have already started listing it for up to $250 on Carousell. 

We're not kidding. Photo: Screenshots from Carousell

We hope those hoodies are worth it, especially since the last person in the queue we spoke to skipped work to get his. 


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