McDonald's teases comeback of the Nasi Lemak burger, but fans say thank you, next

Is the Nasi Lemak burger really coming back?
PHOTO: Facebook/ mcdsg, AsiaOne

Remember when McDonald's launched the Nasi Lemak burger circa 2017?

You probably did -- the unconventional item was the talking point of the year.

Online media outlets rushed to give their opinions, the crowds flocked to get a taste and eateries came up with their creative takes on the humble Malay dish.

In fact, if you recall, the burger was so popular that it was prematurely sold-out after a two-week run.

This popularity might have inspired the folks at McDees to bring it back, especially since the recent McGriddles relaunch was well-received.

However, initial responses to social media posts teasing the possible comeback appear to sing a different tune.

On April 19, McDonald's uploaded a post with the words "Why didn't you" on Facebook and Instagram, with an accompanying caption that reads "Missed out on the sold out sensation back in 2017? #dontmissoutagain".

Here it is: 

Missed out on the sold out sensation back in 2017? #dontmissoutagain

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Down in the comments section however, commenters are calling for other burgers and favourites to make a comeback instead.

Photo: Facebook/ mcdsg

Some even rallied for the Kiasu burger to make a return -- even though most millennials have probably never heard of it.

Photo: Facebook/ mcdsg

In case you've never heard of it as well, we understand -- the Kiasu burger was launched back in 1993.

Essentially a long bun version of the McChicken, it was made popular by a commercial featuring local comic book character "Mr Kiasu". 

Over on Instagram, it's a similar story, with many beseeching McDonald's to change their minds.

The meme though... Photo: Instagram/ mcdsg


The shaker fries were especially popular with the IG crowd. Photo: Instagram/ mcdsg

Some comments were slightly more positive though, with people excited that the burger might make a return just in time for Hari Raya Puasa in the first week of June. 

Photo: Instagram/ mcdsg

Will the Nasi Lemak burger still prove popular when if it makes an eventual comeback? Only time will tell.