Singaporean guy transforms from flab to fab with One Punch Man superhero workout

Singaporean guy transforms from flab to fab with One Punch Man superhero workout
He stuck to the workout for 30 days.
PHOTO: Facebook/ Sean Seah

We're now three months into 2019, and if you're sticking to your New Year resolutions to get healthy, we salute you.

If, like us, you're struggling with your diet and workouts, that's okay too -- because it's never too late to get started.

All it takes is time, patience, and a whole lotta willpower, as demonstrated by 38-year-old Singaporean Sean Seah.

On Saturday (March 9), the best-selling author and financial investor uploaded his take on the 30-day One Punch Man challenge on Facebook which has since gone viral, accumulating over 220K views and 5K shares.



This challenge originated from a Japanese anime whose titular superhero character, Saitama (aka One Punch Man), gained immense strength after following a workout plan every day for three years.

His training regime? An intense 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10-km run every day. 

Too much? Well, Seah thought so too. So he broke it up into levels and started off his challenge on Feb 10 at level five, gradually upping the intensity over 30 days.

Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

A month ago (Feb 10), he posted this video giving himself the challenge after pigging out over Chinese New Year and going without a proper diet or exercise for three months. #Relatable.


This was how he looked like in the beginning, weighing in at 70kg with a body age of 40 and a visceral fat rating of 10.

How Sean Seah looked like in February 2019. 
Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

Visceral fat refers to fat stored in the abdominal cavity and around internal organs in the abdomen. According to the weighing scale used in his video, a rating of 10 or more indicates high levels of visceral fat.


Within a week, Seah lost 2.8kg and his visceral fat rating and body age dropped to 9 (-1) and 37 (-3) respectively.

By day 17, Seah realised he had hit a plateau and stopped seeing results. Consequently, he increased his workout to level 7, doing 70 push-ups, 70 sit-ups, 70 squats and a 7-km run daily.

Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

By day 22, he upped it to level 9 and by day 23, he was completing the full One Punch Man workout at level 10.

Kudos to Seah, who managed to stick to his month-long challenge -- and boy did it pay off.

How Sean Seah looked like 30 days later. 
Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

Losing a total of 5kgs and gaining a six-pack in the process, Seah also managed to lower his body age and visceral fat rating to 36 (-4) and 8.5 (-1.5) respectively.

And you might think the magic lies in his diet. Because abs are made in the kitchen right?

Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

Not necessarily according to Seah himself, who did not follow any specific diet plans. He did, however, concede to cutting back on sugar, fried food and carbs as it affected his workout performance.

Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

Here's an example of what he ate in a day.

Photo: Facebook/ Sean Seah

Seah said he would not be continuing the One Punch Man workout everyday but will instead stick to a more sustainable three to four times a week training schedule. He will also be adding in resistance training by going to the gym.

To end off the video, Seah encouraged others to give the challenge a try, recommending that they start at a level compatible with their current fitness abilities like he did.

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