10 bathroom accessories & fittings that's hotel-worthy

10 bathroom accessories & fittings that's hotel-worthy
PHOTO: Taobao

Here are 10 affordable bathroom and toilet accessories like toothbrush holder, towel rack and toilet roll holders that will turn your bathroom into a hotel!

Chanel Li, our YouTrip Taobao Alley guru and YouTrip Ambassador , shares her favourite Taobao hacks and products!

Remember when I said Taobao has everything you’ll ever need? I’m not kidding! As part of our BTO series, here’s a list of 10 bathroom and toilet accessories to create a hotel-worthy bathroom that will make your housewarming guests very jealous! And the best part?

These bathroom accessories won’t leave a hole in your bank account.

1. Vanity set

Taobao has a huge selection of vanity sets, from vintage to nordic to luxurious. They often come as a full set – with mirrors, sink, vanity top, and cabinets.

Most sellers also offer a wide range of sizes and some even offer customisation! Even though my BTO is still a construction ground, I’m already saving some of these sets in my list.

Price : From ¥550 (~S$112)
Buy it on Taobao : Click Here

2. Toilet bowl

While discussing ideas on renovation, my fiancé suggested getting a toilet bowl that comes with a sink, so that we can do our part in saving water for the environment. It works by using the water used for washing your hands to flush the toilet. Tres cool.

Price: From ¥1899 (~$387)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

3. Bathroom tiles

“Why get tiles from Taobao when you can find them in Singapore?” Well first of all, they’re known to be cheaper on Taobao, since most of the tiles we have in Singapore are imported from China.

Plus, there are some pretty unique designs you may not even find in local stores! Although I’d like to go for a more minimalist design for my home, I must say I’m pretty drawn to the confetti tiles too.

Price: From ¥18.8 (~$4)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

4. Floor mat

In the past, I used to get regular floor mats that have similar materials to towels. They’re cheap and easy to wash. But I do find that they’re not very absorbent, and they’re definitely not non-slip. One of my favourite buys on Taobao has to be the diatomite floor mat.

It’s super absorbent, like my feet are really fully dry after I step on them, and they come with a non-slip netting. I loved it so much I repurchased larger sizes, and bought some for my fiancé’s family too!

Price: From ¥14.9 (~$3)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

5. Toothbrush holder & organiser

Vanity tops can get pretty messy, with toothbrushes, toothpastes, and cosmetics lying all over. With an organizer that can be attached to your wall without drilling, you can easily organize your items and look as if you have your life together even though it’s not.

Price: From ¥45 (~$9)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

6. Towel rack

A toilet is incomplete without a towel rack. Whether you’re looking for a simple minimal towel rack, or one that comes with hooks and multiple bars, Taobao has them all. Personally, I got the ones with hooks so I can hang my loofahs and foot stones.

Price: From ¥27 (~$6)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

7. Sink

If you didn’t opt to purchase a full vanity set from Taobao, you have the option to choose your own sink. I love Taobao because it has so many options, from matte pink ceramic sinks to vintage gold rim ones.

If you choose to go with a monochromatic look in your bathroom, adding a colourful sink can add that pop of life to your bathroom. I might just do that!

Price: From ¥295 (~$60)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

8. Shower head with LED screen

Shower heads may be overlooked as they’re thought of to be basic and simple, but you can spruce up your bathroom with a unique one.

Personally I know I’m going to go for a matte black shower head that comes with rain shower features. I even found one that comes with an LED screen to tell you the exact temperature of your running water. How cool is that!

Price: From ¥367 (~$65)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

9. Toilet paper holder

Another essential in the bathroom that we often overlook, Taobao has some pretty unique toilet paper holders. For example, I found one that looks like a dog butler is dispensing your toilet roll. That’ll give your guests a good laugh for sure!

Taobao also offers some minimalist wooden toilet paper holders that act as a phone holder as well, because let’s be real – we bring our phones along when we’re going number 2.

Price: From ¥68 (~$14)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

10. Tap mixer

When I was staying at a 5 star hotel in Harbin, China , the hotel taps were so pretty I swore it would be the one that I’d buy for my home.

While scrolling through Taobao’s renovation items, I found my dream tap and added it to my cart with so much passion. I’ve also seen other people buy tap mixers that have detachable and rotatable taps, making it easy to clean the sink and wash your face.

Price: From ¥700 (~$143)
Buy it on Taobao: Click Here

If you’re wondering how to ship these items to Singapore without incurring a huge shipping fee, check out our Taobao Shipping CBM Guide or take advantage of group buys on YouTrip Taobao Alley.

Also, don’t forget to activate cashback for your Taobao purchases and pay in Chinese Yuan (CNY) during cart check out for maximum savings!

So there you have it! 10 affordable bathroom and toilet accessories that will turn your bathroom into a hotel-worthy one and leave your guests impressed.

This article was first published in YouTrip.

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