10 best beauty tips we’ve ever learned from Joanne Tseng

10 best beauty tips we’ve ever learned from Joanne Tseng
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Known for roles in shows such as Marry Me, Or Not? (2016), Refresh Man (2016) and Singapore-Taiwan production All Is Well (2019), Joanne Tseng has gained much fame and popularity since her debut in a Mandopop duo Sweety in 2002 with Esther Liu.

She also most recently starred in iQiyi's Rainless Love in a Godless Land (2021), an apocalyptic fantasy drama based on the indigenous Amis ethnic tribe in Taiwan, opposite Paul Fu, Joseph Cheng and Alice Ko.

The fresh-faced beauty, who turned 33 on Nov 17, is also happily married to Fahrenheit boy band member Calvin Chen since the start of 2020, after being rumoured to be dating for a decade. Keep scrolling for 10 beauty secrets from the birthday star.

Mask everyday


In a 2016 interview with Aaron Yan, Joanne confessed that her skin doesn't recover as quickly as when she was younger, especially when it comes to minor cuts and dry patches. As such, she has taken to masking daily to keep her skin hydrated and dewy.

Include a hydrating serum


Besides masks, Joanne hydrates her skin with moisturising serums. She pats the product onto her face before moving on to the next steps of her routine.

Remove makeup diligently


In the same 2016 interview, Joanne also shared that she puts more focus and attention on makeup removal than her younger self.

Her makeup removal process is executed with the gentlest touch possible to prevent any skin tugging. Joanne shared that while she doesn't do anything "special", she makes sure that each step is done well.

Don't lick your lips


Like many of us, Joanne has a tic of licking her lips whenever she gets nervous. So when she's feeling particularly stressed, she tries to control herself to not lick or bite her lips as saliva actually makes the lips drier.

In addition, she puts on a thick coat of moisturising lip balm before she sleeps and applies it slightly over the edges of the lips.

How to create the perfect eyeliner look


Eyeliner can be daunting to execute but Joanne has her trick to creating the perfect eyeliner look regardless of your skill level.

Instead of trying to draw a straight line from insider corner out, start at the outer corner of your eyes and use short strokes to build the line closer to the inner corner. She also recommends using a black liner to line the eyes and a brown liner to draw the cat-eye flick to make any mistakes less noticeable.

Accentuate high points of the face


Joanne confessed to using highlighter to accentuate high points of the face. To fake a higher nose bridge, she applies it onto the nose bridge and the area between her brows. She finishes by applying on the chin and her cupid's bow to make her lips look fuller.

Don't rush lipstick application


Want to recreate Joanne's enviable pout? Start by applying lipstick on the inner parts of the lips first before blending outwards.

Throughout the process, Joanne recommends using small dotting motions to apply lipstick to emulate a pro makeup artist's application. She also likes to hydrate and make lip lines less visible with a small layer of lip balm before applying lipsticks.

Find a foundation that suits you


Joanne also knows how difficult it is to find a perfect that matches our skin type and makeup needs. That is why Joanne was heartened to discover the Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation as it looks natural, gives her the right amount of coverage and stays looking good even after long hours of wear.

Buy it here.

Skip refined starches and sugars


Joanne doesn't skip meals but she makes it a point to avoid refined starches and sugars in her diet.

Refined carbohydrates tend to have most of their nutrients stripped and can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity, according to Healthline. Joanne also avoids fruits with high sugar content and goes for lower-sugar options such as strawberries and blueberries.

Consider supplements


Joanne is an advocate of being mindful and eating what your body needs. For example, if she's feeling cold, she would drink more ginger juice.

When her immunity feels weak or she's feeling fatigued, she consumes royal jelly and B vitamins respectively. Moreover, Joanne also consumes supplements to give her body and beauty a boost.

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