10 kitchen backsplash ideas using tiles you'll want to copy

10 kitchen backsplash ideas using tiles you'll want to copy
PHOTO: Ethereall

Tiles are one of the more popular materials for the kitchen backsplash. And why shouldn’t they be? They are not only cost-effective, but also durable and really easy to maintain.

If you are looking to make a statement with a tiled kitchen backsplash, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Going sideways

We’ve seen a ton of kitchen backsplashes decked out in a herringbone pattern using subway tiles.

The classic pattern, with the 90-degree angle arrow pointing up or down, is great and really timeless, but if you just want to shake things up, consider having the pattern sit sideways instead.

This results in the arrow pointing left or right, offering up a little something else in your kitchen.

PHOTO: Design 4 Space

2. A splash of pink

When paired with the matte black cabinets, the pink of the kitchen backsplash tiles feels a lot less saccharine and more chic. Stacked vertically, they help to visually draw out the height of the space.

PHOTO: Ethereall

3. Focal area

When you just need to protect your walls against grease stains from cooking, you might not need to run your kitchen backsplash along the entire length of the wall.

Have it just focused on the cooking area behind your stove; that way, you’ll either save some money or have extra budget for splurging on your favourite tiles.

Design: Facelift Design

4. Shine bright like a diamond

Shimmery tiles like these mosaics used here are a huge visual treat, turning a conventional all-white kitchen into something quite spectacular.

You don’t want it looking tacky, so keep it to just a small part of the overall kitchen and balance things out with more neutral hues elsewhere.

PHOTO: I.Poise

5. Back to basics

White square tiles are super basic, but they can make a gorgeous graphic statement if you do them right.

Here, in the absence of upper kitchen cabinets, they are decked all the way to the ceiling and paired with modish, contrasting black grout to make a stunning statement.

PHOTO: The Makers Design Studio

6. Bold streaks

These colour block tiles were intentionally aligned so that they form diagonal stripes across the kitchen backsplash. Super zany! It lends plenty of character in this otherwise classic style kitchen.


PHOTO: Free Space Intent

7. Sleek with slate

Slate tiles aren’t often used as kitchen backsplash, but here they are!

Their rough and uneven surface creates extra texture, while the dark tones provide a contrast against the light grey cabinets.

Rather than align the tiles in conventional straight lines, they were set slantways for additional interest.

PHOTO: Uno Interior

8. Same same, but different

These two kitchens made use of the same tiles for their backsplashes but laid them out differently to form two different looks.

The former lends a clean and neat appearance, which allows the backsplash to blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. The latter features a more intricate design, allowing the backsplash to stand out more.

PHOTO: Authors Interior & Styling

PHOTO: Lemonfridge Studio

9. Pattern play

Chevron patterns are another way to mix things up if you don’t want to stick with good ol’ herringbone. How to tell the difference since both motifs look so similar?

The ends of a chevron pattern are at a 45-degree angle, compared to herringbone’s 90-degree angle. This kitchen backsplash made use of extra skinny tiles to create the look, which helps to make things look more modern.

PHOTO: Versaform

10. Vertical style

Subway tiles are typically laid out like bricks horizontally in a kitchen backsplash, but if you want things to be less typical, consider stacking them vertically in a standard running bond pattern.

It offers up a whole new vibe, yet still feels classic enough so you know it will stand the test of time.

PHOTO: The Local Inn.terior

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