10 sakura pink items under $25 to brighten up your home

10 sakura pink items under $25 to brighten up your home
OnLook LED deer- shaped humidifier ultrasonic and Typo wireless shower speaker
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Looking to spruce up your home with elements of sakura pink?Incorporating this sweet pastel colour in the form of succulent pots and decals never fails to brighten up the mood. Since we can’t travel to Japan for hanami (flower viewing), here are 10 items to embody the sakura in your home decor.

1. Brass leather drawer pulls, $21.74

Made by local brand HookedPullMeKnob and sold via Etsy, these brass leather drawer pulls adds some sweet details to any carpentry.

Available in five colours: Natural, Pink, Blue, Black Marble, Blue Marble,  they are made of 7mm-thick genuine cowhide leather  and copper.

Buy it here .

2. Colour changing cup, $7.70 each

When you can’t drink the sake underneath the cherry blossom, you bring cherry blossom to your sake cup. These poetic cups change colours according to the temperature of the liquid inside it.

At room temperature, its branches look barren. Pour hot liquid (38-75ºC) and they will bloom red while cold liquid (eight - 22ºC) will turn the blossom blue. It is non-microwaveable and holds about 70ml of liquid.

Buy it here.

3. OnLook LED deer- shaped humidifier ultrasonic, $10.09

Cute, whimsical, lightweight and useful, this portable mini humidifier generates fine mist and colour-changing LED silently. With a 300ml capacity, it will run uninterrupted for 8 hours, refreshing the air and alleviating stress with the aromatherapy of your choice.

Buy it here.

4. Kaisite portable air humidifier with LED lights projection, $13.50

For those looking for a little light show with their humidifier, this portable one has it in spades. Its minimalist, Nordic-inspired design allows users to direct the light projection at any angle in the room. Weighing a mere 140g and with a capacity of 200ml, it is super portable, too.

Buy it here.

5. Pink hand-painted ceramics succulent pots, six pcs $20.70

Adding plants, real or otherwise is the one of the easiest way to infuse biophilia into your space. This set of six small planters features a variety of hand-painted design in soft pink and white, lending a handmade touch to your space while providing vessel for your succulents and cacti.

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6. Sothing electric mosquito swatter, $16.35

At 170g, this mini electric swatter is lighter than your average smartphone. It is compact yet it does not skim on the safety on the design. It features three-layer safety grid, a built-in rechargeable battery, and LED illumination that gently lights up an area with a radius of five metres.

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7. Artificial sakura rattan branches, $17.00

Available in eight different colour, this artificial sakura branch lends an organic touch to any interior. Its wiry branch is bendable, allowing you to shape it anyway you like to create your own eternal ikebana.

Buy it here.

8. Cherry blossom decal, $3.61

Wall decal is an affordable way to change up the feel of your room. This peel-and-stick cherry blossom design measures 65 x 80cm.

It is self-adhesive and easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue and suitable for any smooth , clean and dry surface of walls, tiles, glass, furniture. Do not apply on textured surfaces.

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9. Typo wireless shower speaker, $15

There is nothing like a hot shower after a long day. take it up a notch with some music from a Bluetooth shower speaker. This cute one from Typo has it all: versatility, cool design and great value.

You can also use it practically everywhere: on your desk, on a smooth surface or as a phone stand. Can last up to five hours playing time with a three-hour battery charging time.

Buy it here.

10. Silicone snacks storage cup, $20

Foldable, easy to carry, made by a local brand, these cups can hold up to 200ml liquid. The cover is dust-proof and overflow proof for fresh-keeping. Made with 100 per cent  silicone. It measures 1cm x 13cm when unfolded and 3.5cm x 13cm while folded.

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