10 stylish and functional umbrellas that will save your life

PHOTO: Pexels

Besides parkas and storm-proof shoes, umbrellas are another essential product whenever it is raining.

But besides shielding you from the occasional downpour, umbrellas double up as parasols to shield you from harmful UV rays - much needed in Singapore's year-round sunny equatorial weather.

Ahead, we've rounded up ten stylish and functional umbrellas with cool, practical features that will make getting caught in the rain or sunless stressful.

PS: Most, if not all, of these brollies are small enough to be stowed in the bag for added convenience.

Hailstorm Inverted Fold Umbrella, $21.80, from Shopee

PHOTO: Hailstorm

Hailstorm umbrellas are thoughtfully designed in Singapore and manufactured in a small town in Quanzhou, China.

This umbrella, for example, features a UPF50+ rating, an ergonomic comfort grip handle, and an automatic open and close system.

In addition, the inverted design means you can keep the wet surfaces within and keep your bag and hands dry. It is available in black, yellow, teal and red.

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UV Protection Compact Umbrella, $19.90, from Uniqlo

PHOTO: Uniqlo

Made with lightweight aluminium alloy, this Uniqlo umbrella is built with an easy-grip handle and rotating features to help dispel the wind.

It also has a UPF40 rating to protect you during sunny days. The umbrella is available in black, navy and beige.

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Xiaomi Mi Automatic Umbrella, $29.90, from Lazada

PHOTO: Xiaomi

Yes, Xiaomi makes umbrellas too, and their design is rather ingenious.

The umbrella can be opened and closed with a push of a button while the aluminium and fibreglass skeleton has a safety anti-rebound structure.

The umbrella cloth also touts UV protection and heat insulation.

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Fulton Tornado-1 Umbrella, $83, from Shopee

PHOTO: The Planet Traveller

This sleek automatic Fulton brolly is made to last, thanks to the skeleton constructed with fibre reinforced polymer ribs and polycarbonate joints.

The vented canopy is also created for greater wind resistance.

FYI: Fulton umbrellas are used by the British royal family, and has been awarded a Royal Warrant.

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Blunt Metro 2.0 Umbrella, $109, from Shopee

PHOTO: The Planet Traveller

Unlike conventional umbrella design, Blunt's hexagonal design uses patented tips that distribute tension right to the edge for extra strength.

Moreover, this automatic umbrella has a two-year global warranty against manufacturing defects.

Other colours available are charcoal, yellow and mint.

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Knirps T.200 Medium Duomatic (UV Protection) Umbrella, $63, from Shopee

PHOTO: The Planet Traveller

Made with aluminium, steel and fibreglass, this automatic umbrella opens and shuts with the press of a single button.

In addition, this umbrella is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 150km/h in the wind tunnel, so you don't have to fear your umbrella flipping over when it's storming.

It is also available in grey and has a five-year warranty.

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WPC Air-Light Stripe Mini, $48.90, from Shopee

PHOTO: The Planet Traveller

This umbrella is likely the most lightweight umbrella you'll ever find, coming in at just 90g with its carbon bone and cloth construction.

This is especially great for those who like to pack light.

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Acteco Little Bear Design UV Protection Umbrella, $7.05, from Shopee

PHOTO: Acteco

Bored of the usual solid colours that umbrellas come in? Acteco has cutesy designs like this bear print one.

It also has a UVA+50 vinyl coating to block out the sun's rays.

Acteco has both automatic and manual umbrella models, so remember to pick the correct one when checking out.

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UA Golf Umbrella - Single Canopy, $69, from Under Armour

PHOTO: Under Armour

Featuring the Under Armour logo, this umbrella employs the UA Storm1 technology to repel water and keep you dry whether you're golfing or just heading out.

There is also a textured rubber handle to provide an easy, comfortable grip.

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Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Umbrella, $69, from Outdoor Life

PHOTO: Outdoor Life

With a UPF 50+ rating, the silver exterior and black interior of the Six Moon Designs umbrella was made especially for sunny weather.

The reflective top surface bounces away sunlight while the black underside absorbs any stray rays so that you can remain calm and cool.

It will, of course, shield you from showers too.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.