11 brands that sell press-on nails when you've got no time for a manicure

11 brands that sell press-on nails when you've got no time for a manicure
No need for an hour at the salon to get great nails.
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You may have seen these boxes of press-on nails around drugstores.

You may even have stopped to take a look, admiring the pretty designs and reminiscing how there were similar nails in your beauty play sets as a child.

But, you probably dismissed them thinking that they won't be able to last. Well, you'd be wrong.

Press-on nails have been gaining popularity over recent years, as they're the perfect solution for those who want pretty nails for just a week or even a day.

Depending on your needs, you can either use nail glue or an adhesive to adhere the nail to yours, each one meant to last for a different duration.

The nails typically come in a set of 14 or 16 to account for different nail sizes, so just choose the sizes that fit you best!

Even if your nails pop off during the day, simply carry around a tiny tube of glue or a few sticky nail tabs to fix it and you're good to go again.

Way more convenient than nail polish, where the entire set is basically ruined once a nail chips or peels. Press-ons are also easy to remove when you no longer want them — no need for a trip to the salon where you have to soak your fingers in acetone and all.

Let's dive into our selection of 11 brands with pretty press-on nails, shall we?

Pamper Nail Gallery


If you're on TikTok, you've probably seen Viv Xue's nail videos around as the founder of Pamper Nail Gallery has quite the following on there.

Famous for drawing graphics that look exactly like the cartoon characters they are modelled after (she can recreate pretty much any scene from any Disney, Nickelodeon show or anime).

Just be prepared to splurge though, as her nails do cost a pretty penny.

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Kiss' press-ons are great for when you want to keep it classy — the bulk of their designs come in pleasing shades of pink and nude, with the occasional glitter and bedazzled nail thrown in.

In fact, we think press-ons from KISS would be perfect as wedding nails for the fuss-free bride.

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Best for fuss-free nails with simple designs like glitter, marble and stickers, look out for their promotions every now and then to snag a great deal.

To place an order, simply send a direct message via Instagram.

Scandal Beauty


Scandal Beauty is your go-to if you're looking for glitter nails or trendy Y2K designs like leopard prints or flames.

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Based in Singapore, Daisyynail is a home-based business that does press-ons and manicures.

One look at her page and you'll see her range — she's hand-painting (!) classy floral abstracts one day and cutesy motifs the next.

Just drop her a text or direct message on Instagram with your order.

Jenté Nails


If adorable Japanese nail designs are your thing, definitely check out Jente Nails, which does Sailor Moon-style nails and cute cartoon characters.

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Klaw Beauty


All of Klaw Beauty's press-ons are acrylic and salon-grade, meaning you'll pretty much get an instant manicure that's the same standard as the ones you'll get in the salon.

From classic colours to trending designs and pop-culture inspired looks (how do Euphoria nails sound?), Klaw Beauty does it best.

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Dashing Diva


Readily available in drugstores around Singapore, you can conveniently own your inner diva with Dashing Diva's press-ons.

With hundreds of designs available, you'll be spoilt for choice!

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Nailz by Dev


Nailz by Dev does some crazily intricate nails, both press-ons and manicures.

She can do any custom design you want!

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Shrine may primarily be known for their hair products, but don't overlook their nail products either.

Their ready-made press-on designs are straight out of Pinterest, featuring colourful French tips, swirls and more.

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Elegant Touch


Go crazy with Elegant Touch's press-on nails and embody Paris Hilton with a sleek white set named Hollywood Heiress or social media royalty with Calabasas Queen, a set of understated nude nails.

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