12 last-minute Christmas decor ideas at $2 each

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Haven’t had time to decorate your home for Christmas? Don’t fret! These last-minute decor items from Daiso (we popped by the one at City Square Mall) will save you time and money, and make your home look good when guests come around, and you can save and reuse them for next year too.

1. Big Red Or Gold Gift Bow

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Pretty bows aren’t just for sticking on Christmas gifts, they’re great for making your home look present-able too! Put some on your Christmas tree too, for that wow factor, or on your main door so that coming home always feels like opening a present.

2. Festive Bunting

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Dress up a bare wall or draw the eye upwards with festive flags and banners that instantly add some charm and elegance to the room.

This year, the Japanese chain store seems like it’s got a Disney theme going on, so you’ll find a range of Mickey Mouse-inspired buntings.

3. Christmas tree table ornament

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No time to buy a real tree? Just get a pint-sized version that you can pop onto shelves, table-tops, or the entrance of your home. It’s tiny but makes a big impact. We love this fun colourful tinsel tree.

4. Poinsettia Garland

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Don’t stop at a tree – garlands, like this faux poinsettia piece, are a jolly addition to the home and will surely get your home into that holiday spirit instantly.

5. Christmas table ornaments

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And if your mini tree looks a little lonely, these miniature Xmas ornaments will make for a jolly vignette on your console or shelf.

6. Tinsel Santa Claus decor

PHOTO: The Singapore Women's Weekly

Just how adorable are these tinsel Santa Clauses – use them as centrepieces on a table-top, or hang them up on a wall.

7. Themed balloons

PHOTO: The Singapore Women's Weekly

These snowman and Santa-themed balloons make for super fun decorations, especially with the kids around, but be sure to use them sparingly, as too many at once can make your home look gaudy.

8. Fairy lights

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Set the right mood and ambience with string lights – these come in different styles and colours to suit your party theme and feel.

9. Glittery baubles

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If your tree is looking a little bare, opt for these cheap yet classy-looking ornaments, available in different sizes, for an instant makeover.

10. Colourful tinsel

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Apart from classic green and red, Daiso has tinsel in an assortment of funky colours this year. These versatile pieces can be arranged in many ways: You can wrap it around a Christmas tree, create wreaths by knotting the ends together, weave them around other decorations, the list goes on.

11. Micky Mouse Tray

PHOTO: The Singapore Women's Weekly

Make your holiday lunch or dinner at home extra cheery with these paper platters and plates, available in both Disney and classic Christmas themes.

12. Gold-toned Christmas sign

PHOTO: The Singapore Women's Weekly

There’s nothing quite like a Christmas sign to send the message across, and this sparkly gold one will set the mood for any celebration.

Happy (last minute) decorating!

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.