18 bespoke dressing table and makeup vanity ideas for your beauty routine

18 bespoke dressing table and makeup vanity ideas for your beauty routine
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For those of us who’ve stood over the bathroom counter struggling to find space to lay down your skincare, hair products or makeup all while trying to make sure they don’t get wet, will find having a dedicated dressing table or vanity station immensely necessary.

Bespoke solutions like the ones we’ll show below help to make it part of your décor so it doesn’t seem entirely out of place. For small homes, customised dressing tables and vanities will mean you get to have one that fits just right.

Some are equipped with clever storage solutions so you can hide the clutter, while others come with gorgeous mirrors that steal the show. For better morning and evening beauty rituals, you’ll want to get inspired by these:

1. The dressing table in this all-white bedroom takes the form of a divider, so that the wardrobe area appears like a mini walk-in closet.

2. A full-height mirror, aglow with hidden LED lights, gives the illusion of a larger space.

3. This tiny dressing table, set at the end of the built-in wardrobe, is the perfect solution for a small bedroom.

4. An entire vanity is concealed behind this built-in wardrobe. Done with your beauty regimen? Close it to hide away all the clutter.

5. Love how this vanity stool’s equally bespoke! Hide it away after use so that it doesn’t get in the way of things.

6. Great use of bedside space by having the dressing table extend out from the built-in closet. Also, can we talk about the gorgeous primary colours used in this room?!

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7. A lean solution for those in shortage of space! This standing makeup station features a full-height mirror on the door as well as customised compartments to keep things organised.

8. Pocket doors designed into the fluted feature wall in this bedroom open up to reveal a hidden vanity station, complete with specially designed drawers for the homeowner’s collection of accessories.

9. The wall-mounted dressing table functions as a way to unite the two components in the space—the full-height closets on one side and the open-concept closet for worn clothing that aren’t clean enough to go into the wardrobe on the other.

10. Embedded within the built-in wardrobe, this makeup station adopts the similar hue of royal blue and the gold detailing.

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11. Set at the foot of the bed, this beauty station is made up of slender drawers topped with a quartz top and a glowed-up, full-height oval mirror by the side.

12. This pastel haven sits nicely within a recessed area in the bedroom. Storage is in the form of open shelves by the side and a little drawer that also doubles up as table support.

13. The flip-top vanity mirror feature allows the dressing table to be converted into a working space. Multipurpose FTW!

14. This glamorous dressing table acts as a natural divider between the his and hers sections of the wardrobe. Its classic and neutral design allows the space to be functional for both parties.

15. Love the pop of marble behind the vanity mirror. A subtle design detail that lends an air of elegance. Also, how adorable is that velvet stool? The curves on the seat mirror the rest of the arcs seen in the bedroom.

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16. Folks with small bedrooms, don’t despair! Here’s a makeup nook that will fit into a tight corner. Notice the long linear wall lamp that provides even lighting without taking up too much space!

17. This dressing table is positioned at the other side of the his-and-her sinks in the bedroom. The two areas share the same mirrors, which are ceiling mounted so they appear like they are floating.

18. Crafted together with the platform bed, this dressing table features a round mirror that doubles as a privacy screen from the sleeping zone and a full-length mirror by the side that also functions as the closet door.

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