22 Korean hair trends that will be huge in 2022

22 Korean hair trends that will be huge in 2022
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The past two years have been unpredictable, stressful and turbulent, to say the least. But it’s time to move on and enter 2022 with an open mind. Surely, there’s no better way to ring in the year than with a new hairstyle? Here, we spot the biggest hair trends from Korea, and shell out the tips you need to rock them.

Long tresses


Keep your locks flowing this year. Yes, we know, Singapore gets too hot and uncomfortable for long hair but keep in mind that this hairstyle gives you the opportunity to try out different looks whenever you’re in the mood for something different.

Let your hair down (literally), tie it in bunches or pigtails, or experiment with unique tied/untied/half-tied looks. The opportunities are (almost) endless.



When it comes to red hair, it can definitely turn heads. But you don’t have to go full Singapore-flag red to get the best effect – try out a copper tone, which gives your hair an alluring reddish look which is still muted enough for anyone who doesn’t want to be too adventurous. It’s also a gorgeous colour.



Love drinking red wine? Why not turn your hair into that colour too? But seriously, wine could also be your starter colour to red hair.

It’s subtle as it’s not bright but it’s also a unique look. Be careful not to veer too much onto the purple edge of this colour, but instead try to keep that reddish tone.

Pixie Cut


It might sound like a drastic cut – especially if you’ve never had your hair this short before – but it’s a chic look that’s quick and easy to wash and style. This style especially suits women with small faces and long necks but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it if you don’t fit this criteria.

There are also several options with this style – very layered at the top, textured bangs etc. It’s also a great style for hot weather so let your neck breathe and feel the wind instead of being home to your often-sweaty hair.

Pale Blonde


This a more suitable shade of blonde for Asian faces so why not go blonde in 2022 without going platinum? This warmer shade of blonde is a softer look, yet it’s a bold colour that will give you an entirely new look.



Whether it’s a Korean perm or not, soft perms are in for 2022. Some advantages are that it gives your hair more volume plus it can frame your face well too.

Find out from your hairdresser the best way to look after your permed hair so that you make it last longer and don’t cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

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Hair Clips


Whatever hairstyle and colour you pick for 2022, don’t forget to dress it up with some bling! Accessorise with colourful hair clips for your own unique look and colours of your choice. Pick ones that have crystals or any shiny gems on them for extra bling points.



If you don’t feel brave enough to change your hair colour, start by getting some streaks in 2022. And the best part is – you can personalise your look!

Pick a colour you like then choose how bold you want your streaks to be. Do you just want two or three subtle streaks to spice up your look? Why not. Or you prefer to get streaks all around your head? Go for it!

Inverted Shaggy Lob


This is perfect for women with short hair. The uneven layers add volume and shape your face too. And you’ll get a lift at the top of your crowning glory. It’s a shaggy look that’s even – dare we say it – sexy.

Centre-Parted Choppy Shag


This casual look can also be classy. It’s a layered style that works especially well for women with thin or fine hair. Plus, the volume! Ask for a low-maintenance style that looks natural.

Ash Pink


With spring coming up soon, why not get into the mood for cherry blossoms by giving your hair an ash pink tinge? Or just have it all year round, we won’t judge.

It’s a subtle colour that stands out and it won’t change your overall look too much. And it’s a colour that matches lighter Asian skin tones. It also might just be the closest we’ll get to cherry blossoms in Singapore.

Subtle waves


A few soft bends with a curling wand or flat iron coupled with a relaxed attitude are all you need to pull off this dreamy look seen on singer IU. Prefer heat-free styling? Apply a dime-sized amount of curl mousse to damp locks and scrunch.

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Blunt bangs


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung turned out to the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) serving some seriously heavy bangs. To cop her lash-skimming ‘do, blow-dry your bangs with a round brush to create lift and add body.

Face-framing layers


Want to spice up your one-length long haircut? We have just the right thing for you: face-framing layers. Seen on Red Velvet’s Joy, this hairstyle involves cutting your hair in varying lengths to define and frame your features. If you want to create the illusion of a slimmer and sharper visage, ask for long, face-framing layers that start just below the chin.

Bob with bangs


A Korean Odyssey star Lee Se-young proves that bobs and bangs are indeed 2021’s hottest hair trend. This layered hairstyle is great for adding shape to thicker hair, while retaining the volume.

Baby bangs


If you’re looking for a haircut that will make a statement, Goblin actress Kim Go-Eun’s micro bangs is the perfect ‘do for you. Baby bangs are wispy or blunt bangs that are usually a couple of inches above your brows. It’s a great way to make any haircut look more edgy, and open up your face.

Pastel hair


This beautiful pastel purple hue spotted on K-pop idol Ji-yeon will require a round or two of bleaching before pastel purple hair dye is applied, so we definitely recommend going to a professional rather than DIYing the colour at home. Pro tip: before you bleach your tresses, prep your hair two weeks in advance by cutting back on heat-styling and applying an oil through your ends as often as possible.

Chunky highlight


2020 brought back the chunky highlights trend that was super popular in the early 2000s, and we’ll still be seeing a lot of them in the new year — but in a more muted version like this one on Korean actress Lee Yu-bin.

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Ashy hues


Korean celebs like SNSD’s Taeyeon tend to go for ashy undertones regardless of whether they are going blonde or silver. The cool shades are flattering on Asian skin tones because they cancel out the yellow and red tones. They also help to cancel out redness that Asians tend to have in their dark hair so any dye that is applied can look more lively.

Rose brown hair


Brunettes can have fun too. Brunette hair might have the reputation of being a basic hair colour, but it’s far from boring. There are different ways to elevate your mane. Sandara Park’s rosy brown mane has become a popular pick. It’s a low-maintenance option that adds depth to brown tresses.

Hair extensions


Extensions are a great way to get through that awkward stage of transitioning from short to long hair. As far as possible, try to get extensions that are similar to your natural hair texture.

Back to black

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing Korean celebs such as Oh Yeon-seo going back to their natural jet black hair to eliminate complex maintenance and regular trips to the salon. Bonus tip: apply leave-in conditioner to moisturise and add incredible shine to your tresses.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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