4 best masks with high filtration capabilities in Singapore

4 best masks with high filtration capabilities in Singapore
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Stay safe and cute with “not just any cloth mask” but the best masks with higher filtration capabilities!

I don’t know about you but before Finance Minister Lawrence Wong highlighted the importance of only wearing masks with high filtration capabilities, especially in enclosed spaces and places with people, I was pretty happy with the homemade masks I had bought off of Etsy and Carousell.

In fact, before this, government-issued masks were strictly used for trips to the gym or on runs to the grocery store. 

After it was announced that cloth masks aren’t at all preventive when it came to blocking out the Covid-19 virus, I started my search for the best masks that’ll not only keep you safe in crowds, but help you stand out of it.

In all seriousness though, please keep away from crowds if you can help it!

What is considered the best mask with high filtration xapabilities?

On May 18, 2021, it was announced that “There is growing evidence that new variants can spread through aerosolized particles, which means that all the precautions we are used to may not be sufficient to safeguard against the spread of the virus, and we need even more stringent measures.”

According to CNA , we’re looking for a reusable mask that has:

  • As high a bacterial filtration efficiency as possible, and
  • At least two layers of fabric

Where can I get the best masks with higher filtration capabilities?

1. Airhole


Their face masks are designed for the great outdoors — whether that means skateboarding, rock-climbing or just trekking through your local NTUC. 

Not only are Airhole’s masks made to defend the wearer from the elements, but their daily masks have also been constructed based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines.

This means each mask has three layers of fabric, the second being a non-woven polypropylene for extra protection against respiratory particles. It doesn’t hurt that these masks come in a myriad of designs, both patterned and in solid colours, and are adjustable.

Get your pack of three Airhole masks from $28 here .

2. Airinum


Their Urban Air Mask 2.0 comes at a premium price but for good reason. Not only do these reusable and adjustable masks complete any street-chic outfit, but they also help protect against air pollution, smog, pollen, allergens, and of course, bacteria.

You’d be glad to know that their masks have been tested at the Research Institutes of Sweden Research and Development  Center and are KN95 certified (like the more common industrial N95 masks).

According to updated mask guidelines (May 19, 2021), masks with exhalation valves are not recommended because “they do not effectively prevent the release of droplets from the wearer when he or she exhales”.

Thus, Airinum have included two valve stoppers to deactivate the valve caps so you stay protected.

Get your Urban Air Mask 2.0 from $103 here.

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3. Gill™ Mask


How grunge do these masks look? Have your Mad Max Fury Road moment with their reusable respirator that is meant to be used with their single-use Gill™ Filters created with airborne contaminants in mind.

There are two main filters — the FP95 (similar to the N95) with a particle filtration efficiency of more than 95 per cent, as well as the FS2 (similar to a surgical mask) with a bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 98 per cent.

Get your Gill™ Mask from US$23.90 (S$32) here .

4. Copperline Australia


This mask is for the minimalist. You’ll love the sleek design that they’ve got down to a tee, and it comes in various colours and sizes.

Having gone through multiple testings, their face masks have also been found to provide a filtration rating of KF80 against “aerosol and droplet particle transmission”.

In addition, their reusable and washable fabric is also antibacterial in nature thanks to its patented copper nano-technology. For further protection, simply slip in the HEPA filter insert that comes with each purchase and you’re all set.

Get your Antibacterial Copper Face Mask from A$50 (S$52) here.

This article was first published in YouTrip.

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