4 hybrid work accessories for the home office

4 hybrid work accessories for the home office
Inject some fun and productivity into your work routine with these gadgets on your days at home.
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Hybrid work is probably here to stay - unless the rest of the world is taking notes from the recent machinations of Elon Musk. If you haven't gotten around to turning the home office into a permanent temple of productivity, now's an opportune time. 

1. Ember Temperature Control Mug

Imagine this: Going through the trouble of grinding your own beans, tamping it into your trusty coffee machine and pulling a perfect espresso shot only to be interrupted by an earlier-than-expected Zoom call (or your kiddo waking up early) - and returning to a lukewarm cuppa. The pain is palpable.

That's why Ember invented its self-heating coffee mug in the first place. The newest cup in their line-up does exactly the same thing as the others - keep your drink at a precise temperature (which is set via a companion app) for about 90 minutes. The diminutive vessel is sized just right for an espresso or cappuccino, clocking in at around just 180ml instead of its predecessor's 300ml.

Available from Ember.

2. Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock 

Another item for coffee connoisseurs in the home office - except this time, you'll literally be waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed pour-over, served on a walnut tray out of high-quality borosilicate glassware. The alarm clock has a compartment for keeping your milk chilled overnight. A little extra? Maybe, but who's complaining?

Available from Joy Resolve.

3. Infra Luna Diffuser

Fuss-free aromatherapy with this limited-edition scent and light diffuser by luxe European brand Byredo that melts their candles without needing to light them. As a bonus, the oeuvre - designed in collaboration with French light artist Benoit Lalloz - also comes with a trio of coloured caps to place over the candle to diffuse the room in light as well as intoxicating scents.

Available from Byredo

4. Tresound 1 Speaker

Turn to Mississippi-based Trettitre if you're looking for a wireless speaker that doubles up as an ornament. Their Tresound 1 speaker is quite the looker - inspired by the shape of a mountain and coated with a piano paint finish for a magnificently glossy sheen. It's designed to be used effortlessly too, delivering a full and powerful bass amid bright, and accurate, mids and trebles. The sound can also permeate throughout any space - thanks to a quartet of speakers providing all-around sound coverage and crisp audio reproduction. 

Available from Trettitre.

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